This project has already launched.

Incirkle started as a need to connect teachers (professors) , students and teaching assistants in a better way. Incirkle provides all the basic needs for a student - teacher interaction;

Student can post and ask questions in FORUM and seek teacher and his classmates help.
Teachers can give updates about the course to students and parents in ACTIVITIES.
Online submission of assignments.
Teachers can provides grades and marks online.
See the student progress overtime in the course.

At Incirkle we are dedicated to provide better education for everyone so a lot of our features are free for use.

We have spend around $15,000 and made the website. The website is completely functional for all the functionality mentioned in the video, we need money for further development and add new features and solve bugs to improve website functionality.

The new features includes as per our funding ;

Student progress graph in the course.
Plagiarism checker.
Online help for students.

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