INBair O2: Give Your Brain a Boost with Oxygen
INBair O2: Give Your Brain a Boost with Oxygen

This project has already launched.

Work harder and smarter with the help of oxygen! It’s your personal, portable, oxygen friend


From the Team Behind Hextio, Introducing INBair O2

Ever noticed that ideas start to flow after a brisk walk in the fresh air? We are experts in air innovations and understand the reason: increased oxygen. After 2 years in development, we are ready to introduce our second crowdfunding project: INBair O2 - the world's first designer oxygen purifier.

Get an Energy Boost with 40% Concentrated Oxygen

INBair O2 delivers 40% oxygen at 2 litres per minute through a discreet headset. Breathe normally and carry on working. After just 30 minutes you'll feel back on top.

We took INBair O2 on the road to see what people noticed after an oxygen boost. More alert, refreshed and ready to solve some complex problems? Sounds good to us! 

Say Goodbye to Coffee Jitters and Unplanned Naps

When you need a healthy energy boost, and napping isn't possible, oxygen has your back.

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