Improved DUPLO format bricks for your creative child
Improved DUPLO format bricks for your creative child

This project has already launched.


Your pledge is part of the second phase of our project.

The first phase was the development of a couple of product prototypes for new toy bricks in both brick formats. We also developed the marketing concept and have presented our products twice at the international toy fair in Germany. We have financed the first phase with our own money and within three years.

The second phase is the step into the market. Thanks in advance to everyone who enables us this step by giving a pledge on Kickstarter. It will be an honor for us to deliver you COMO and COMO+ products in reward.

In the third phase we plan to scale it up. This may also allow the realization of some more of our ideas for new bricks.

Product details are available at in English.

We also have a blog in German

You may also find COMO bricks on flickr, instagram, pinterest and facebook.


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