Improve Your Child's Attendance With E2Learn
Improve Your Child's Attendance With E2Learn


Enjoy Peace of Mind with our E2Learn time and attendance software

What is E2Learn?

Technology designed to improve school attendance through family and community engagement while empowering students from underserved communities to graduate from college.

E2Learn is the first app to track and reward your child’s attendance and match deposited tax deductible 529 college fund contributions dollar for dollar.  Improved attendance improves our students grades and chance for success while maximizing critical funding for schools. 

E2Learn promotes awareness of the important role that school attendance plays in achieving academic success and provides a gateway to higher education.  Our goal is to ensure that families take an active part and partner with school districts and community agencies to intervene when attendance is a problem for children and to insure a successful academic path.

Our three objectives are:

  • Using the technology of our E2Learn App, we encourage public awareness about the need to address chronic absence. This includes extensive media outreach as well as working with underserved communities and key national organizations to spread the word about why this issue matters and explore the role families can play.
  • Foster real life fiscal literacy and accountability in our youth to enable financial success of future generations while raising attendance funding for our schools and raise graduation rates.
  • Encourage local practice by providing technical assistance and unique tools such as our Family Fund Match to help families, communities, schools and school districts work together to address chronic absence.

How it works

Parent opens E2Learn Account. Parents deposit funds into their student’s E2Learn account. Parent shares log in information with student. Student downloads and opens E2Learn App. Student hits “Start Button” at beginning of class. Student hits “End Button” at end of class. E2Learn tracks and rewards student’s good attendance. Funds are only released to the student’s “wallet” with parent’s approval if the student attends class. Parents are provided an account of all class times attended. Student earns their monetary reward for attending class. Success!!

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