Impotents: Webseries
Impotents: Webseries

Log Line

The story of four would-be gods coexisting in the modern world. With each other’s help, they crawl towards their enormous potential.

Main Characters

Series Description

Our story picks up in modern-day America where four would-be gods, unaware of their potential, struggle to make their way in the world.

Unlike their holy counterparts; Jesus, Buddha, Ganesh and Missy are powerless (impotent) and unaware of any powers they may (but probably don’t) possess. Though they all have redeeming qualities, they’re probably best defined by their weaknesses. Jesus, for example, is neurotic and awkward; Buddha, dopey and careless; Ganesh, an obnoxious horndog and Missy, closed-off and snobby.

Their deficiencies, not to mention their overall feeling of detachment from the rest of society, hobble them whenever they attempt to make-do on their own. Jesus makes a muck of social situations, Buddha hoards and overspends, Ganesh terrifies all those around him and Missy just grows bored with life.

As the series progresses, they form a special bond. Their relationships evolve and they realize that together they can grow when they learn to offset each other’s weaknesses.

Within their universe exist a number of secondary characters. A few of them draw reference from the heavens (Mary, Joseph, Zeus, Ares), but they’re a minority in this mortal world.


  • Comedy for ages 18-35
  • Serial with story arcs
  • 22 minute episodes
  • 2D Flash animation

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Impotents was created by Smoking Doors.
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