Importance and Siginificance of Diwali
Importance and Siginificance of Diwali

Some call it as Deepavali and some as Diwali. This is one of the important festival celebrated all over India without any bias in religion, caste or creed. So this is known as Unity in diversity. So today we can see completely about Diwali - the festive of lights in detail and what are the importance and significance of Diwali. 

Actually Diwali is a Hindu festival but it is celebrated as a brand all over India. Diwali means rows of lamps. So that lamps has high majority in this festival. All homes are lightened with lamps and fireworks sharing love, joy with family, friends and neighbours.

Everyone jointly burst crackers with joy and happiness.

So how do we say Diwali is celebrated on a particular day. Yeah Diwali occurs on the day before new moon occurs in midst of october and november. So that date of diwali occurs on different day every year. Lunar calendars are used to calculate diwali date. Sun and moon are important in Diwali so that people says On the day of diwali should raise from bed before sun arises. They should also bath and commence pooja on the day of diwali before the sunrise and some used to burst crackers before sun rise.

Significance of Diwali

Victory of good over evil is the significance of Diwali. So by celebrating diwali we also accept to it and believe that truth always triumphs victory. We can also say this is the main reason to celebrate Diwali by all the people around India. This also indicated that man should forget the goodness and greatness over time.

What does lighting and burning fireworks indicate?

Lighting lamps and burning crackers indicate that we always keep ourselves happy and joyful. Sharing is one of the important aspects in diwali. By sharing joy we get happiness. So that on the day of diwali every one share snacks, sweets, crackers and joy to friends, family and neighbours.

Another important significance of Diwali is said to be that diwali always occurs on the rainy seasons. In olden days there were no electricity and therefore found this fireworks and lighted lamps on diwali to enjoy the festival. They safeguarded themselves from insects and darkness during this season.

How diwali is celebrated in India?

  1. Prayer:

People used to get up early in morning, bath and commence the pooja. Oil bath is taken by all on the day of diwali to be cool and to be relaxed all over the day. People pray to their god on Diwali, even in churches special celebrations are made for diwali.

2. Clothes:

All people on this day wear new clothes and share their joy with friends and families.

3. Food:

After prayer all will have the variety of food that are made on the day of diwali. Lots of sweets and food items will be prepared and shared to friends, family and neighbours.

4. Fireworks and Lamps:

Diwali which is the festive of lights mean it all. On this day colourful lights and lamps are placed all over houses. Different types of crackers are burnt and enjoy with friends, families and neighbours.

How to have a safe Diwali?

Now coming to the point , most of the diwali are going a disaster for few person who are not following the safety guidelines while burning crackers. The first most important thing is that you have to get crackers from a licensed shop. At present there are many original sivakasi crackers shopping online website available too where you can buy the best crackers.

So you all would have known what are the importance and significance of Diwali. Following the safety tips correctly will help you to have a safe diwali. So i wish everyone a happy, colourful and joyful diwali.


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