Imperial Storm
Imperial Storm

Welcome to The Forbidden City!  

Imperial Storm is a board game for 2 to 9 players set in historical Chinese Court (2-4 players for competitive mode, and 5-9 players for casual mode). It is a strategy game about managing resources in The Forbidden City to gain more power: You can rely on princes with promising future to the throne, dukes with enormous wealth and power, or great generals with huge armies in their hands. Or you can ally with consorts plotting to gain favor, the queen ruling the royal harem, or the queen mother reluctant to let go of the puppet string. Even those seemingly innocent maids, or eunuchs murmuring in dark corners can get dirty jobs done. No king rules forever: proper use of limited resource and correct judgment of opponents and situations can help you to take advantage from different sides, survive in merciless conspiracies, and dominate the court in the end.

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 About Us:

This is UpGames Studio. We are a group of enthusiastic young people in Vancouver. We are students from UBC and SFU, designers from well-known IT companies and passionate lovers of board games, nurtured by multiculturalism in Vancouver and Canada. That’s why we feel so encouraged to blend in new and fun elements from a distinct culture. It is our sincere hope that you can have fun and enjoy this unique oriental theme while playing Imperial Storm. The game will be on KickStarter in late April!

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