Images from the War in the Pacific
Images from the War in the Pacific

This project has already launched.

Images from the War in the Pacific: The Art of Jack Smith is a book containing 35 black and white images of brush and ink paintings by Jack Smith. Through its iconic images and accompanying brief text, the book is a story of heroism and patriotism, of the stress of combat, and of the staggering loss of life and materiel on both sides of the war. 

Jack and I undertook this project to enable broader distribution and enjoyment of his remarkably detailed paintings and to encourage readers and viewers to deepen their understanding of the War in the Pacific, as well as to ensure that a record of Jack Smith’s art remains intact even though at some future date the artist or his heirs may choose to give, donate, or sell his original paintings and prints. 

Below are two pages from the book: 

P. 21 On the Matanikau River
P. 21 On the Matanikau River


P. 27 Butaritari: A Morning Stroll
P. 27 Butaritari: A Morning Stroll

Each image is accompanied by a brief note (written by Rona Simmons) describing the difficult island terrain, the ships and men who fought in the Pacific, or the scene. Where known, other relevant formation such as the date, location, or names of those pictured is included. Appended at the back of the book is a note about Jack Smith’s technique, the artist’s biography, a bibliography, and a list of major supporters. 

All books shipped to supporters will be signed by Jack Smith. 

Content: 90 pages including 35 “full page” (within the printer’s margins) images and short descriptions 

Format: 8.5 X 11 inches, landscape, black and white, softcover books are perfect bound and hardcover books are case laminated. 

Our Goal

The goal of our campaign is to raise sufficient funds to print and publish the book, print and ship postcards, prints of selected images, and books to supporters (as appropriate for each reward level), donate copies of the book to select WWII museums, exhibit and sell the book at military, veteran, and other relevant gatherings. A portion of the funds from sale of the books will go to advertising and supporting exhibitions of the original paintings. 

And, should we be so fortunate as to receive more funds than we seek, we will apply the monies to printing additional copies of the book.

Our Plan

With the requested funding, we expect the book to be published, printed, and ready for digital and physical delivery by late June or early July 2017. We will update all supporters on our progress throughout the 30 day campaign, through the production and shipping process, as well as through post-production activities featuring exhibits of the book and Jack Smith’s art. 

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