I'm Listening
I'm Listening

 Voice your concerns and help others with theirs!

At I'm Listening we have wondered many times how it is that we have so many questions and, although they may be answered, we still can't seem to find the right advice. Is it too much of the same? Is it too little? Or is it simply not very great? 

We don't have an answer for you. But we have created I'm Listening with the belief that a lot of advice we are given by friends and family can be tailored to you, because there is a bias. This can be counterproductive. Especially when we consider mental health and how misunderstood the entire concept still is. 

We are built to listen and we are built to help.

Statistics on mental health disorders are frightening. 1 in 4 People will experience mental health issues at any given point in a year. Often we feel isolated and alone with our problems. We get told that it's a phase or we're just being silly. At I'm Listening we're challenging that attitude and we're asking everyone who is going through any kind of a problem or anyone who has come through a difficult time to be brave and share their concerns or advice.  

How it works!

Users will sign up, receiving a simple profile. You can choose to remain anonymous or put yourself out there. It's up to you. Concerns will be posted through a specific topic and can also be given a short text description. People can follow your concern or you can choose to privatise it and only share it with people you are following. 


Join us and be there from the beginning!

Check out www.imlisteningapp.com for a little bit more about us, our story and all of our latest updates. 

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