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Hey Everybody!
We are – St. Paul, a boutique fitness kickboxing studio in St. Paul, MN.  We teach fitness kickboxing classes that work the whole body, KILL fat cells, and are the funnest workout anywhere!

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Here's what's going on

We are meeting more and more people who want to reap the benefits of our fitness kickboxing classes and our Kickboxing community, but live too far from St. Paul to make it work. So we are on a mission to open two more locations in the Twin Cities. The new studios will be boutique fitness studios unlike anything you’ve seen in the Twin Cities. Modern and clean, neat and professional, fun and never boring. Staffed by fitness professionals who know their stuff, but will greet you by name, this will be the place where you WANT to hang out.

We love to help others

We are in this to teach others how to change their lives by creating a new healthy life. We all have heard the benefits of regular exercise and more and more it sounds like exercise really is the fountain of youth! But it is really tough to find a program that’s fun and engaging, challenging but never boring, and filled with interesting people with a common goal. What we are creating is a place that’s a group fitness experience, but on a very personal level. What that means is we help clients track their goals, support them every step of the way, and help them to work within their strengths and limitations.

What your help will do

We are launching a campaign on Indiegogo.  Enter your email above to be the 1st to know when we launch!  You will be contributing to a fitness studio that you yourself would want to be a part of and enjoy working out at. But bigger than that, you are helping our Twin Cities community onto the path of health and vitality. In addition, you are creating new jobs in the community! This campaign will provide the initial financing we need to search out and secure our new locations, and obtain the additional financing we’ll need. We already own the new franchise licenses, so we are ready to begin! I am asking you to get on board with us, donate what you can, and help improve the health of our communities. We’re offering some awesome perks for helping us out too!

Even if you can’t contribute financially, you can still be a HUGE help and have a MASSIVE influence by spreading the word about our campaign. Share our campaign link on your Facebook page and ask your friends to like it and share it with their friends. Send an email blast to all your friends with a link back to our campaign. We will appreciate everything you can do to help!!


When our Indiegogo campaign goes live we'll have a range of exciting rewards, including limited edition apparel, memberships, and kickboxing gear. Keep an eye out here as we release more information about our rewards.

Thank you! You are awesome!!


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