ILAPS: pencil capacitive sylus for iPad & Android tablet & smartphone
ILAPS: pencil capacitive sylus for iPad & Android tablet & smartphone

This project has already launched.

  • iLapis is a simple add-on that transforms any standard pencil in a precise capacitive stylus for touch screen;
  • iLapis is simple and light;
  • It gives the same natural feelings of traditional drawing and writing;
  • iLapis is the only capacitive pencil;
  • Is the only stylus working on paper and touch-screen with the same tip and that you can erase!
  • Unlike most of other styluses, iLapis works excellently smoothly even at minimum pressure on the screen and at extreme inclinations, features that make it excellent as a surprising unobstructive capacitive pointer stick!
  • You can handle your pencil however you want, iLapis will work perfectly.
  • You can use iLapis wherever you want: indoor et outside, at school, in the train, on the beach ect. It can be used safety by children to learn writing (with dedicated apps), for professional use (art or handriting), or for ordinary use to tap and swipe quickly;
  • It’s cheap and resistant. If you loose, wet, break, dirty it or simply falls to the ground, you won’t waste lots of money.
  • Unlike any other precision stylus, iLapis does not need batteries, wifi of bluetooth or microchip to work, just the power of the graphite!
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