ikarus Mount in-flight entertainment is changing.
ikarus Mount in-flight entertainment is changing.

ikarus is a universal light weight portable tablet mount that gives the user full control of their comfort in their in-flight entertainment experience.

The birth of ikarus

ikarus was inspired by you, for quite some time now travelers have been brainstorming ways to travel with more comforts, and really enjoy their own content. As you can see below, we didn't just come up with this idea out of thin air, you have been looking for ikarus and we have been looking for you.

“We created the ikarus mount with you in mind, its endless applications and enhancements for comfort will make in-flight travel entertainment convenient once again.”

J.C. Irurzun Founder & CEO

"At last! Sit back and no longer look at the dull back seat of an airplane, enjoy your custom entertainment at your pace, control, and more importantly at eye level."


An aluminum composition will allow for a mount that is lightweight, portable and easily customizable in a variety of colors. ikarus is compatible with 99% of all tablets on the market and our unique lateral opening allows you to access all ports and buttons on the device.




As we prepare to go live on kickerstarter.com. We need your support, and oh boy! Do we want to reward you!


Comfort at its best

  • Access to your own custom entertainment on your tablet.
  • Starting your shows, movies and programs, the moment you take your seat.
  • Isle seat aficionados, repeat bathroom offenders, will no longer require the retracting of your tray, interrupting your entertainment.
  • Use of a privacy screen will allow view of your own private content, not only for entertainment, but for typing work documents with the use of a wireless keyboard.
  • Mothers rejoice, children can now enjoy the same content from one tablet with the use of our included headphone splitter.
  • Bluetooth headsets will eliminate wires, making your movie experience completely immersive.



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