Ignant Benches, acclaimed teen Indie Rock band, debut EP!
Ignant Benches, acclaimed teen Indie Rock band, debut EP!

This project has already launched.

ABOUT THIS PROJECT Hi. I’m Stefan, the manager of a young teen Indie Rock band from San Diego.

Ignant Benches was formed a year and half ago by my younger cousins, Anson, 16, and Andy, 14, who are the lead singer/guitarist and lead guitarist respectively. Since then, they’ve been joined by bassist, Isaak and drummer, Mauro – both 16.

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Their sound is influenced by the likes of The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and Radiohead. You can check out a few of the band's tracks (recorded in our garage) here: https://m.soundcloud.com/ignant-benches

Despite their youth, the band has already wowed crowds in high profile venues here in San Diego, like SOMA, House of Blues, and The Casbah, got airplay on the city’s best rock radio station 91X, with many dubbing Ignant Benches as the best local band in San Diego.

So far so good for a band so young. So why the Kickstarter?

Ignant Benches live @ The Tin Roof
Ignant Benches live @ The Tin Roof

WE’VE HAD MAJOR RECORD LABEL INTEREST, BUT… Some of the deals we’ve been offered have been, let’s just say, easy to refuse. One wanted us to pay for recording sessions, but surrender 50% of distribution profits and all rights to our music. DECLINE. Sure, with the level of label interest, the band could make a quick buck, but they’re more into making and sharing great music.

IGNANT BENCHES KILLED IT IN A SONY MUSIC-SPONSORED BATTLE OF THE BANDS, BUT… The band had to surrender their place in the second round because it clashed with a school field trip! Them’s the breaks when you’re young, still at school and living with your folks.

WE’VE ALREADY RAISED SOME FUNDS OURSELVES, BUT… Affording a recording session for an EP, paying the Producer, the Sound Engineers, the Distributors, Marketing; that’s a different ball game. Sure, we’ve all been raising funds as best we can, selling shirts, tickets, even chocolates...but what we can raise ourselves just about covers the equipment we need and gigging expenses. The band is still at school, so they can’t get full-time jobs to fund this themselves.

WE COULD WAIT UNTIL WE FINISH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE, BUT… We don’t want to. The time for Ignant Benches is now.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. NO BUTS. We’ve taken advice from music industry pros we trust and they’ve recommended we record our EP as soon as possible, and circumvent the unfavorable terms others would record us for. On our terms. Then release and promote it ourselves. So that’s why you find us here. We need funds to: Professionally record Ignant Benches’ debut EP Mix and master the tracks Promote, market and release the tracks

Ignant Benches @ The Casbah
Ignant Benches @ The Casbah


1. YOU LIKE THE DEMO AND WANT TO HEAR A PROFESSIONALLY RECORDED FULL ALBUM’S WORTH. That’s exactly what’ll happen if we reach our funding target. (Demo: https://m.soundcloud.com/ignant-benches )

2. YOU’RE A FAN, FRIEND OR FAMILY OF THE BAND – we’ll gladly sacrifice presents next birthday for a donation!

3. YOU’RE WANTING TO SUPPORT SAN DIEGO MUSICIANS – who doesn’t take a little bit of pride when a local band makes good? With your help, Ignant Benches could be that band.

4. YOU’RE INTRIGUED BY THE BAND’S NAME AND WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE HELL IT CAME FROM. We’ll reveal the inspiration behind it, if we hit our target.

5. YOU WANT TO SUPPORT YOUNG PEOPLE’S INVOLVEMENT IN THE ARTS. We appreciate any help you can give us.


7. WE’RE WHAT KICKSTARTER IS ALL ABOUT – Surely, the story of Ignant Benches is exactly what Kickstarter is all about. Back us and you’ll be in at the start, kickstarting the career of a super young band that with your help could carve its name into music history.


ANSON KELLEY, 16 – the lead singer, guitarist, and group’s leader with a machine-like work ethic, and a technical and precise style.

ANDY TISTOJ, 14 – the baby of our group, a free spirit who brings real energy to live performances. Plays lead guitar in the band, not to mention he also plays viola for the San Diego Youth Symphony.

ISAAK JEJJONI, 16 – in typical bass player style, he’s the calming influence and the creator of powerful yet smooth basslines.

MAURO ROCHA, 16 – couldn’t play drums before joining the band. Has been on a crash (cymbal) course in drumming since and plays with power, speed and precision.

RISKS AND CHALLENGES The songs are ready to record. The people who will help us produce, market, distribute and promote the our music are in place. If we get the funding, this EP is happening.

Be a sweatheart and pledge today!


Risks and challenges

RISKS AND CHALLENGES The songs are ready to record. The people who will help us produce, market, distribute and promote the our music are in place. If we get the funding, this EP is happening.

We have made it so should we hit out goal, we would have done everything possible to minimize risk, not delivering is not possible. Our plan is to deliver by no later than October, but I'm confident we'd have it ready even before then.

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