Igloo: the ultimate travel pillow set
Igloo: the ultimate travel pillow set

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 Igloo is so comfortable that you will feel like you never left home!

Igloo, the ultimate travel pillow set that you can use and carry anywhere that gives you real quality sleep!


Traveling is awesome. Experiencing new cultures, tasting great food, visiting amazing places. Everything is awesome except for one thing: the discomfort related to transportation. With 3,7 billion airplane passengers in 2016 struggling with this inconvenience, 

 we are proud to say that today people willstop suffering and start sleeping

 and by the way, you can literally use it anywhere!






 The unique pillow design relaxes all the neck muscles while offering 360 degrees support for the head. Other pillows don't go high enough to give a real head support. This is why we've designed the Igloo pillow so it goes twice as high to give you twice the support. 

 Finding a good body position has always been a nightmare. Igloo has a lumbar cushion that gives the perfect body position for rest.

 The cushion can also be used to extend the armrest to give both passengers more place to relax.


There is a safe pocket in the bag to protect your items while your dreaming.

We all know that planes can get cold. Well, not anymore: the bag is also a small blanket that keeps you warm and that also transforms into an arm pocket. You won't have to bother anymore about where you place your arms. 

To thank our backers, there is an eye mask and a pair of ear plugs that comes with every Igloo pillow. 

 Just what you need before entering the dream zone.





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It's also extremely easy to pack. It fits in one hand, which is really handy!

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 Fits easily in the small bag

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We know that airports and planes can get dirty. This is why your Igloo is extremely easy to wash. Literally as simple as ABC.

A) Take the memory foam out.

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 B) Put the cover in the washing machine and let dry outside. 

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 C) Put the cover back on the memory foam.

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Medically approved by Clode Lessard – Rheumatologist in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada.



Our trusted supplier has an excellent reputation and over 10 years of prompt quality service.We went to visit them last March and we can positively affirm that their work environment is under high standards restrictions to ensure they deliver the highest quality product.We've been working with them since then and have developed a strong relationship of confidence based on their quality of work and services.

The full retail price for Igloo will be $74,99, so you're getting a great deal by supporting us on Kickstarter. We will not be selling Igloo in retail until all Kickstarter rewards have been shipped.  


These add-ons are super exclusive! They are only available during our Kickstarter campaign and will not be available in retail stores. 






Let's dream big together and unlock these special goals! We have 6 new colors tounlock and two new sizes!

#1 Blue


 #2 Secret color 1

 #3 Secret color 2

 #4 Secret color 3 (Everyone has dreams)

  #5 Secret color 4 (Everyone has big dreams)

  #6 Secret color 5 (Everyone has crazy dreams)

Size chart 

Each reward is eligible to the add-ons and the stretch goals. You will receive an email after the campaign where you will be asked your size and favorite color to choose from. 


Who are we?

We are two brothers from a cold country called Canada and we are the co-founders of Igloo.As travelers ourselves and nothing on the market that could satisfy our needs, we decided to take charge and create The Ultimate Travel Pillow Set: Igloo.


Philippe and Simon started their entrepreneurial career four years ago with their first business. They have always been passionate about creating new products to enhance the quality of life of people. Philippe Dallaire (on the right) is a BAA graduate from the Université du Québec à Trois-RivièresSimon Dallaire (on the left) will be an official BAA graduate from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières in just over a year. Along the way, the brothers decided to team up with an extremely talented professional designer named Josée Proulx. She has over 30 years of experience and is an expert in the field of fashion design and accessories. Josée graduated from the E.S.MOD School of Fashion in Paris and was thewinner of the public's favorite prize for her creation at the Salon des Métiers d'Arts de Montréal.


  We've been working together for the past year and a half and are proud of what we've accomplished and the relationship we've developed. We truly believe that Igloo willredefine the way to travel!


Today is your chance to join us on this great adventure. Back us now on Kickstarter and be one of the first lucky person to enter the dream zone!



With over 3,7 billion airplane passengers each year, and the discomfort of transportationdirectly related to it, we decided it was time to take charge. So we bring something new and innovative that will let people enjoy every part of their trip by enhancing their quality of comfort. As a startup who wants to compete against the big dogs, Kickstarter seemed like thebest place to get the necessary funding to kickstart the project and also a great place to test Igloo's viability. 

Help us by sharing Igloo with your friends. Know someone who would be just as excited as you are about Igloo? Share our campaign with them!











We are proud to say that Igloo has been patented!

International Backers 

We're proud to ship Igloo worldwide. Please note that you will be responsible for shipping fees, duties, fees and applicable taxes to your region. Each reward tier may have a different estimated shipment date. While we do not expect these to change, it is possible that the estimated shipment date may shift. If so, you will be immediatly informed of the situation.


We stand firmly behind our products. Each Igloo includes a 30-day (after you receive it) money back guarantee. 

Need Help? 

 If you have questions at any time, during or after the campaign has closed, you can always reach us at info@igloo4travel.com.

Risks and challenges

Igloo is ready to meet the estimated delivery times and enhance your quality of comfort. All there is left to do is share the love of comfort. We are conscious that unexpected circumstances could happen along the way. To minimize those risks, we've been working with our supplier for the past months to maximize the efficiency and to minimize the total production time. We did this because we care about your comfort and want you to benefit from Igloo as soon as possible!

To ensure that all our backers get their Igloo on time, we've partnered with a top quality supplier, with over ten years of experience and high quality products in large quantities. We have set clear deadlines and are kept daily informed. If for any unexpected reason a supplier misses a deadline, a machine breaks down or a shipment gets lost, you will be informed right away with clear details of why there is a delay and when it will be fixed.

You agree that our responsibility to you is to ship your order as entered into our pledge manager system, by providing us correct address information, and ensuring this address is deliverable by normal methods. 

All of our work will be in your benefit! Any pledge amount brings us one step closer to our goal. Help us make Igloo the best travel pillow set by clicking ‘Back This Project’ button at the top of the page, or by helping us spread the word by sharing our project. Let's make this world a better place by bringing quality sleep while traveling worldwide!

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