iggi iPad Case
iggi iPad Case

iggi began as a challenge and evolved into a serious but fun project that resulted in a super funky, user friendly, and multifunctional iPad case that can be used in any environment.  The project came to fruition when my entire family needed an iPad case that was cross functional.  We discovered that a case did not exist to suit all of our lifestyle needs (home, office, travel, entertainment, outdoor activities, etc).  We needed one that was flexible enough to be adult friendly, child friendly and child proof.  All of these solutions did not exist in one case.





We began research and development on the iggi over two years ago.  Within those two years we came up with a safe, fun, and durable iPad case that met all of the iPad lifestyle needs of our family, friends, and co-workers.  The creation and evolution of the iggi was very organic.  We simply took the needs and requests of everyone around us and we worked as a team to create a product that we all love.




Every day we would find another reason for iggi while using our iPads. Once we introduced iggi to our family and friends, they would email or text me with questions such as; can we use the iggi in the garden, can we take it to the beach, dad likes home renovation - does the iggi protect the iPad from paint splatters and if it is dropped? Through our test market the requirements for the iggi grew, and my family and friends both in the UK and USA continued to help me design the perfect case.  





No other product currently exists on the market that includes all of iggi’s versatile functionality.  The iggi offers a rubber and plastic shockproof case and is also lightweight and travel friendly. 



The iggi differentiates itself with its fully adjustable and removable velcro strap.  The strap is used to easily secure the iPad to any surface or object to prevent dropping or moving and to enable you to use it anywhere.

The iggi's nonslip rubber feet will allow the iggi to be positioned against any item or surface at any angle to suit your needs when using the iPad. 

Two unique features that make the iggi ideal for child friendly and child proof interaction are the home button lock and the removable push fit screen.  The home button can be locked to prevent interaction with the iPad allowing a movie or a television program to run uninterrupted.  The home button lock can also be used to prevent the child from pushing the home button and navigating away from the application or game that they are playing with.  Now the child can play and focus on one game or application without accidently changing it and needing mom or dad to reset it.

The iggi's removable screen has several advantages. It is push fit into a rubber moulding which makes it quick and easy to insert and remove. It is splash proof which makes it ideal for outdoor, poolside, or kitchen use.  The screen is touch proof which makes it perfect for children when viewing a film.  They cannot turn the film off and gives the parent or adult supervisor the authority to control what is being watched without it being turned off or changed.



The venture started with family funding.  My father assisted me by helping to research and meet with the correct people when looking to take my project to the next stage of design.  The designers we worked with are an enthusiastic and experienced group of professionals with many years of multi industry product design experience.  We worked with various organisations to get the best start for iggi. This included suppliers in the UK and Asia.

Working prototypes have been funded by my family and tested by family.  This includes my little brother William who has been the best tester of them all. We worked with William in several of his normal daily scenarios to achieve a both a child friendly and child proof iPad case solution within one case.  By attaching the removable screen we were able to stop the touch screen interaction while William watched a film on a car journey.  This functionality is essentially the equivalent to having a television in the car.  Using the iggi while travelling with a child on long trips has been fantastic, no more constantly stopping the car, stretching and turning the cartoon back on when Wil has swiped the iPad screen. Headphones can also be used while the IPad is in the iggi as the headphone jack is still accessible.  The designed width and length of the Velcro strap fits all car head rests and does not move when in place, it’s just perfect. When the downloaded movie had finished and it was time for Wil to interact, you can simply flip the non touch screen out and off you go. It could not be simpler than that. Even when my brother was a baby we could place the iggi on the rear seat headrest and facetime from the front to ensure he was safe and happy. The iggi would keep the iPad in place and when finished could be removed from the headrest in seconds by just ripping the straps apart and taking iggi with you. These are just a few of the many examples of how the iggi has worked with and improved our lifestyle.


After meeting with some highly recommended companies, we have chosen a well respected manufacturer in China .  Our requirements for a manufacturing company were to find a facility with technology hardware experience, an excellent production reputation, and a company who could easily handle high output volume. We worked with this manufacturer to create production samples of our prototype and we were extremely pleased with the cost and delivery timeline. It was important to me to work with a friendly company who is focused on our needs and who we could communicate with daily.


We all love our iPads and we agree that they are of a brilliant standard.  I have designed iggi with that in mind, and to match the amazing criterion of the iPad.  Our team has worked with our supplier to create a quality control and audit process to ensure that our product is of the highest quality standard.


My father also has many years experience working in the Far East and has excellent contacts working in high volume manufacturing which helps when dealing direct with companies in China. He is familiar with the culture and legal issues so to ensure the process is successful for all concerned. I have learned when dealing with suppliers in China that honesty is the key to success and a hands on approach is very important to establish a strong relationship.


Logistics will be global and the product will be sent to the customer from distribution centres in the UK , USA and direct from the China production site. Marketing, communication, and customer service will be handled by me and Allyson.  Allyson spoke on the video and has over fifteen years of experience in client services. Our customers will never be out of touch with their order.


We now need you and Kickstarter to help us to raise funding for production tooling, materials and iggi stock.  Thank you for taking an interest in iggi!




Ami Stevens is the chief developer of this product.  Her responsibilities include product management, marketing, and public relations.  Ami lead the test market groups that helped define the iggi’s requirements.  Ami is a Leeds University graduate and loves technology.

Allyson Stevens is the customer service and logistics manager.  She has extensive experience in the technology industry and has created a strategy to ensure excellent customer service and product delivery. 

Grace Stevens is our social media manager.  She is responsible for organising and planning iggi’s social media marketing initiatives.

Elliss Hope is our financial manager.  Elliss works closely with our entire team on all financial matters.

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