iCulture Collection - fine poster prints, stickers and more
iCulture Collection - fine poster prints, stickers and more

iCulture project is a comprehensive detailed collection of iphone, ipod and ipad inspired prints.

The iCulture collection is inspired by apple products such as the great iPhone and iPod, these are devices that changed our lives completely, everyone around the world recognizes these beautiful products and we love them so much...that we decided to express ourselves through these iphone, ipad and ipod inspired fine art poster prints, t-shirts and more.

The iCulture Collection - all designs below are available as Fine Art Prints; T-shirt prints and Stickers

Prints and Stickers will be printed on high quality paper.




Your money is going towards the cost of the high quality printing production of all the prints , stickers and t-shirt prints. It will also cover the cost of all the packaging materials to properly send all of these products to you in a safe way. It also covers the postage for them too, unless you are located outside the USA where additional shipping costs will be applied.



The main challenge will be to reach the $3,000 target. Both posters, stickers and tshirts will be printed on demand once the project ends. The target, then, is the minimum amount of orders we will need so we can offer the products at a reasonable price. It is very hard to compete with big publishers because of the large numbers they handle and the fact that they print and produce most of the stuff in other countries where it's cheaper. iCulture will be printed in the USA, and will be packed and shipped carefully one by one.


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