What is iCreate?

it is a Browser-based, User Friendly,  Website and App Creation Tool that THE WEB SHOP is currently developing that you can use via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer to make your own personal or business Website or Mobile App that has its own .com domain (ex. yourwebsite.com) that you can create for FREE! And also will have an ecosystem of plugins contributed by its community for various additional functions.

The only paid feature of this system is the $5 or Php250 HOSTING or DATA STORAGE Fee PER YEAR that each site or app creation needs for it to function. This can be paid using Phone Credits, Airtime or Load!

A Truly Low-Cost Solution that is available to everyone!



1.Drag & Drop Style Interface – so you can simply design and input content for your own custom website/app as you see fit without any programming knowledge.

And you can either make one from scratch or pick pre-set layouts. The choice is all yours!

If you can imagine it, you can do it all here!

2.Plugins & Widgets – all easily presented in a sidepanel thats tailored to what you intend to use for your site or app. All it needs is you to drag it to where you want it.  We also will have a lot of user created plugins and widgets for all to share free of charge! 

3.Desktop & Mobile Version Optimization – allows you to optimize the size, presentation of your site or app and simulate it in screens of various devices so you can have a better idea how your audience will see your system!


-as the only paid feature of the system, hosting is charged at $5/year per user.
with that, they get:

2,000 MB Space 25GB Bandwidth

Hosted Domains: 10 

Databases: 15  

FTP Accounts 5

Email Accounts: 500 users

Any person requiring double or triple the specs will only pay twice the amount per year. Or triple depending on what they require.
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