Icarus: help a young artist to realize himself.
Icarus: help a young artist to realize himself.

 We all have dreams, but in order to realize them, you first have to wake up.

This, is my last chance to wake up.


Who I Am


I am an artist, and in order to grow and have a possibility to realize myself, I need your help to keep studying.

Your benefits as a financier will depend upon the amount of money given: in any case, you will have an original work from me or, if you need, you can get me working for you as a designer for a certain amount of time (minimum 1 month).



My name is Edoardo Buttinelli and I am a 16-years-old boy from Rome, Italy.

During these years, I am studying in an Italian High School. Three months ago, I realized that all I want to do in life is communicate through art, and deliver to people my thoughts about our world.

I am a DJ and Producer, Beatmaker, an Art & Graphic designer, and a filmmaker with some photography skills as well. I will tell more about myself under this short introduction. The name I use for my artistic works is Doppler and, as a designer, I like to do both hand-drawing or Illustrator/Photoshop works.

This is what I do.




If you want to see my my (almost) complete design portfolio, click here.

To hear the sounds I make, click here. (there is my first song with a label as well :) )

To see a short clip entirely written, directed, and almost-everything-apart-played by me, click here.

Anyway, as I said, three months ago, I realized what I want to do in my life.

In September 2014, I arrived in Cambridge, United Kingdom, to study A-Levels (the UK equivalent of High School) until December. Just after some days of school here, my life changed radically: I was actually studying what I want to study, and growing as a creative person.

 The main differences between A-Levels and Italian High School are a lot:

  • For the first time of my life, I am studying what I want to do in my life: this because A-Levels consists of choosing a few subjects and develop them for two years: the subjects I chose don't even exist in Italian High Schools - Graphic Design, Media Studies and Economics.
  • People appreciate my work and I have the possibility to develop them: one month ago, I received a commendation from the school (in the photo the name is misspelled, I know) and in the moment I am writing this the school is printing 300 school Christmas cards with my design on it, as I won a school contest for the designing of the Christmas card.


  • And the most important thing, I have the necessities to do what I want (video cameras, canvases and other artistic instruments – the school provides EVERYTHING you could imagine).


In this three months, I obtained more from myself than probably in the past three years.

An example? I compose music roughly since 4 years, probably more. During these 4 years (this means the past summer as well), I seeked so many ways to promote my music, try to DJ and in general achieve some kind of success for what I love to do in Rome, obtaining nothing. Here in Cambridge, two days ago (21 of November), just after three months here, I signed my first contract as a producer, for a music label established by a schoolmate that I met here. This kind of things don't happen in Italy.

Now, December is almost here, and after these three months of huge improvement, that will end up with an art exhibition of my works in the 5th of the December, hosted by the school itself here in Cambridge, I will have to return to my italian life, where my artistic side will be totally suppressed by the italian school and its subejcts that I just don't want to study, the general lack of time, and the countless difficulties that I will have to face to keep doing my works.

I cannot stay more time here due to lack of money from my family. My parents are the only people in Italy that really appreciate what I do and encourage me.

In Italy young people don't have space. We simply don't. What does this means? It means that the goverment discourages creativity and success in general. It is one of the main country problems right now, along with unemployment and corruption, other reasons why I just don't want to return in my country.


Now, this is the last chance that I have to stay here, a crazy idea that I had on a Saturday night passed at home. I am asking for your help to follow my dreams and realize my life, nothing important really [SARCASM] (aaaaand of course you will get an original artwork by helping me). 

For what concern the rewards for who helps me, I will publish in a short time the complete list: apart from artwork, I offer to work as a designer if you want me to design something from you. 

You have simply to put your email address in the bar, and you will receive a mail when the fund raising will start, probably in the beginning of the December. Thank to everybody willing to help me.

I am on Instagram, I put there other works - my name is doppler.inc



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