Ibora | The Beach Bag Reimagined
Ibora | The Beach Bag Reimagined

This project has already launched.

We're pretty sure this is the best beach bag ever made. Why? Well... First of all, it can transform into an awesome beach blanket is less than 10 seconds. Pretty neat right? Just unzip along the edge, open up and unfold the built in blanket.

The main compartment of the bag remains closed with snap buttons so you can still store your stuff inside. When the blanket is unfolded, the bag also doubles as a built in pillow.


There are six different blanket designs to chose from. All are made with colorful, traditional African wax print fabrics. When you back our Kickstarter you can combine any bag design with any blanket design to get the perfect summer look!

The beach blankets are also detachable, allowing you to wash them or to switch between different designs.

We've built special pocket corners into the back side of the blankets. You can simply fill each with a handful of sand to keep the blanket steady on a windy day. 

Inside the bag you'll find a waterproof pocket, perfect for storing wet swimwear after a dip in the ocean.


On the front of the bag there's a large exterior pocket, and inside there's a small hanging pocket with a key hook. All of these allow you to easily access your phone, keys and other essentials when the bag is fully packed. 

The handle on the top of the bag makes it easy to open with a simple pull of the straps. The drawstrings are also designed to stay balanced even after repeated opening and closing.

Even though the Ibora bag is perfect for the beach you don't have to limit your summer adventures! You can bring it on a hike to view the sunset or to the park for a spontaneous picnic.

Since we've designed the Ibora bag with travel in mind, you can comfortably carry it around all day. There's a sternum strap on the front to keep the drawstrings centered and the folded blanket provides padding to your back. 

Living in Barcelona, I've been lucky enough to enjoy plenty of days on the beach. I have a ton of great memories, but also a few I could have been without.

Biking through the city with a bulky beach bag. Forgetting to bring a blanket and having to sit in the sand. Getting sand everywhere as my blanket keeps catching the breeze. Coming home to find that the wet swimwear has soaked through everything in my bag.

I started looking for a beach bag that would meet my needs, but never found one that I was happy with. I wanted a bag with great functionality, colorful designs and high quality that can be used both on and off the beach. That's when I decided that if I couldn't find one I would create one. The result is the Ibora Beach bag and I'm pretty sure it's the best damn beach bag ever.

The design of the Ibora bag is heavily influenced by the vibrant and colorful culture of African. I'm half Nigerian myself, but since I've never lived there I didn't feel much of a connection. That all changed last year when I went to Nigeria for the first time to visit family. I was blown away by the hundreds of colorful fabrics sold on the busy street markets of Lagos. I wanted to incorporate my heritage into my designs so i started researching the colors, prints and the fabrics they use.

For all the blanket we are using traditional African wax print fabrics. They have long been loved in Africa for their lightness, their durability and their bright, colorful patterns. Perfect for a beach blanket!

Africa is also where the name 'Ibora' comes from. In the local language of the Yoruba tribe, Ibora simply means 'blanket'. It also sounds way better than 'blanket bag', right?



1. Click 'Back this project'. Select the reward tier you would like to pledge. Each backer may only make one pledge.

2. Payment: Enter your payment information. Your card won't be charged until the campaign is over.

3. Choosing bag / blankets designs & Shipping Information: No need to worry about this yet! You will get to choose your designs and submit your shipping information at the very end of the campaign.


Want an additional Ibora bag or an extra blanket? Maybe upgrade one or more of your bags to the vegan leather design? Great! It's super easy to do - just follow the instructions below: 

1. Choose a reward level. Everybody must choose one (and only one) reward level to back this project. You will get all items in that reward—you cannot swap things that you don't want for things that you do want. 

2. If you want to add something, check out the Add-On Menu above. If it's in the Add-On Menu you can add it to your reward by increasing your pledge by the amount specified in the menu. 

3. All details like shipping information, color preference and add-on specifics will be collected via A survey after the campaign has ended.


As a small team, we have done our best with our resources to get prototypes done and production lined up. We’ve received lots of great feedback on these prototypes and are eager to start larger scale manufacturing. But we can’t launch the Ibora bag on our own. We need your support. By backing our project you help us raise the funds needed to complete our first production run. In return we'll send you an Ibora bag to bring to the beach this summer. 



Bringing the Ibora beach bag to life has been a long journey and this is the final stretch. In addition to the beach bag you'll get for backing our project you will also have our eternal gratitude. We made this product to share it with the world. If you have any feedback, any suggestions or any comments we would LOVE to hear from you. Also, if you're ever in Barcelona make sure to let us know. We'll come hang out with you on the beach. 

Risks and challenges

There is risk involved with any Kickstarter as the number of backers is unknown before the start of the project. We have prepared for multiple different manufacturing scenarios based on different levels of demand. This will ensure that if we reach our funding goal (10.000 euro) we will be able to make and deliver all the bags ordered. We will ship out the first batch of bags in August and the remaining bags in September. Shipping can vary from 1 to 5 weeks and may cause delays for some backers depending on locations and local Custom policies. We will personally oversee shipping of every single bag. Your satisfaction as a customer is our top priority and we will strive to meet or exceed expectations both in terms of quality and timely delivery.

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