I Sell My Soul
I Sell My Soul

I Sell My Soul 

A Horror Feature film about a man selling his soul to the devil. After struggling with bills and helping his ill father he decides to look for help. After not being able to find help he decides to try the macabre. He decides to contact the devil to sell his soul for wealth. 

The Film will be frightining as we will follow the steps of "The Exorsist" and that is to tell a story that is frightining not just a jump scare frenzy. The main character of the story will have a down to earth arc that touches the viewer into actually caring for his cause.

We won't be needing funds for production or paying actors but to have funds to sumbit to film festivals around you and maybe, just maybe playing at a film festival near you.

The character will face challanges that may be frighting to some and challanges that some may be facing right now. The Film will not be a jump scare frenzy like you see in hollywood films or a "B" movie horror with bad acting and cheesy dialouge. This Film will have intresting techniques that hopefully make you feel involved.

We ask people to share our sites and like or follow our pages. We need support from horror fans to spread the word of the film and help us create an audaince for the film.

Please help us! We Need your help!

Stay Tuned for more information and videos!




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