iRead iRide is a fun, interactive and educational online app for school age children from grades 3 – 9. This app will encourage and promote education in reading literacy through a non-traditional but very effective way. Children will experience reading as they never have before, by going beyond the borders of their local bookstores and classrooms into a virtual realm where reading becomes a fun and educational journey enjoyed by all who dare to take the ride.


Once iRead iRide is launched, you have our welcoming screen welcoming our new jet setter to the application. Next the child will be lead to a login screen where they will be allowed to create their very own custom Avatar for the journey.

  • Upon successfully logging in and creating their Avatar, they will then be greeted by a virtual education travel assistant welcoming them to iRead iRide, from here they will be assisted in charting their reading journey.
  • They will be directed to a warehouse where they can pick their mode of transportation for their journey.
  • Once the preliminary steps of customizing their Avatar and modes of transportation have been completed they will be asked to get started. The travel locator will open showing a map of the US (for beginners) and a spinning globe for International travel (this will be unlocked once the reader has successfully ready 10+ books).
  • After successfully mapping a course, this will also open their library of preferred reading material for their respective grade level.
  • Each chapter completed will pose a series of comprehension questions at the end which will serve as fuel for their chosen mode of transportation. This will also gauge the child’s understanding of what their reading and word association as well.
  • Once they successfully reach their destination, they will be required to read another 5 books to return home. Thereby giving the child a total of 10 books read initially for their first adventure.
  • Once they have read all 10 books and have completed the comprehension questions at the end of each chapter the app will have a back end analytic feature built in which will display the child’s reading comprehension, understanding and overall progress which will either suggest additional domestic travel just so they can read on a level comparable to their grade level or if they have shown significant progress open up International travel for them.








Why iRead iRide?


An article published by Huffington Post states: “According to the Department of Justice, the link between academic failure and delinquency, violence and crime is welded to reading failure. The stats back up this claim: 85% of all juveniles who interface with the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate, and over 70% of inmates in America’s prisons cannot read above a fourth grade level, according to” This article in particular was published in 2003, and the statistics remain to be changed.


So with the creation of iRead iRide we are looking to encourage reading at a very early age, by making it fun and exciting for the child. We are looking to be the catalyst of change that will promote reading literacy throughout the world, thereby breaking the cycle of illiteracy. iRead iRide will revolutionize the way children approach reading and learning.






Novel Features



After doing some research and looking at a number of different reading apps for children, I find that there’s not one that offers the reading and learning capabilities as iRead


  • Multilingual App
  • Custom Avatars
  • Virtual Education Travel Assistant
  • Exciting and cool modes of transportation
  • Wonderful travel destinations both domestic and international
  • Word Help
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Custom back end analytics that will show the child’s reading progression from beginning to end.




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