"I Love You" 999 Fine Silver Coin

Last Valentine’s Day Tom, Dick and Harry were looking for the PERFECT Valentine’s Day gift for their girlfriends. They each bought Flowers, Chocolates and a Diamond Ring respectively thinking that it would do the trick.

However, not only did their gift not had the job done, but it actually backfired!

Now… what went wrong you might asked?

Tom bought Flowers

  • Fact #1: Flowers are the most popular Valentine’s Day gift and you pay almost 5 – 10 times extra on this.
  • Fact #2: Flowers attracts bees.
  • Fact #3: Queen Bees don’t like to share and are easily provoked.

Dick bough Chocolates

  • Fact #1: Chocolate makes you fat!
  • Fact #2: 45% of women don’t really like chocolate.
  • Fact #3: 3% of women are actually allergic to chocolate.

Harry bough a Diamond

  • Fact #1: Women reacts to diamond and shiny metals.
  • Fact #2: Traditionally men need to save months of salary for that rock.
  • Fact #3: More than 100K people were killed producing Blood Diamond

Alas, after months of brain storming and weeks or art work design, we have the solution! That's why we decided to drain our savings and burnout our brains to create the perfect solution! "I Love You" is a 1oz 99.9% Fine Silver Coin, proof finished quality and individually serial numbered to bring out that uniqueness.

Our partner in crime... or rather Strategic Partner, Sunshine Minting, USA will be helping us to produce these coins. However due to their busy production schedule for the next few months, we were diverted to work with their Shanghai Manufacturing plant.

  • Fact #1: It doesn’t make you fat! 
  • Fact #2: Bees are not attracted to it! 
  • Fact #3: It’s still shiny and women love them too! 
  • And one last Fact… 100% of couples who know how to avoid the deadly pitfall of Valentine’s Day gift are romantically in love till this day!

We have finished the design and have the die ready, all the other sub-suppliers from printing, packaging and logistic had been lined up and good to all.

We’ve worked out the schedule and if we get funded, we expect to deliver in February 2016, just in time for the perfect Valentine's Day Gift for just under $100!

Where I’m at today is I need $10,000 to bring this lovely gift to life and help people who has the same problem like Tom, Dick and Harry. I’m going to rock this coming Valentine’s Day experience and you are going to be part of it.

Please back “I Love You” 99.9% Fine Silver Coin today and bring this perfect give home for your Valentine!

  1. "I Love You" 99.9% Fine Silver Coin
  2. Engraved Wooden Box
  3. Certificate of Authenticity by Mint
  4. Heat Changing Mug

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