I Am Unashamed Magazine
I Am Unashamed Magazine

This project has already launched.

In this world where everything is quick and nothing is personal.  We at I Am Unashamed magazine want to take people back to a place where we connect on a personal level again.  While tablets and smartphones are great forms of communication and access, it has also turn us into a society of individuals who don't embrace the special things anymore. Curling up with a good cup of coffee and chatting with a friend, or in our case reading a magazine that is full of empowering stories about real people who your can relate to on a personal level.  Not just to inspire you, but empower you to do better.

Unlike most of what is out there, I Am Unashamed is not your typical publication, our mission is and always will be to feature empowering articles that are designed to foster positive changes in readers’ lives. The premiere issue touches on the lives of singers, artists, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists who have made it in their respective fields, with the goal of inspiring readers by sharing these individuals’ stories of success. By showcasing real and relatable people and the challenges they’ve overcome — the publication will speak to readers on a personal level, helping them to recognize and push through their own struggles and identify their inner power. From mental-health challenges and poverty, to teenage pregnancy, I Am Unashamed reveals that no matter one’s circumstances, anything is possible. Our hope is that readers, in flipping through the magazine, will discover their inner worth — the shining light within — that, perhaps because of darkness or stress, they couldn’t see before. 

Fatima Alexander, Editor-in-Chief - www.fatimaalexander.com

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