I Am Bounce Productions
I Am Bounce Productions

This project has already launched.

I Am Bounce Productions: "Bounce with Me" Master Class and Workshop Programs brings the versatile training to students through different styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, AfroFusion, Contemporary, Stretch and Strength and planning to bring many more styles along the way. "Bounce with Me" Provides all day workshops with four master teachers, lunch and a Q&A for students to speak with instructors and pick their brain for their own personal paths, and Master Classes bringing in instructors to work one-on-one with classes from some of the best instructors around. 

Founded in 2012 when ShirJuanda “Bounce” began her teaching and choreographing career. While working with schools and local studios, Bounce realized the versatility that was missing in the training of the students, so she decided to begin giving Master Classes and Workshops that allowed students to gain extensive training across the board. While working with students in local schools and through many conversations she saw money was a big issue as to why many students couldn’t gain the training they wanted, so she decided to bring the training to them. I Am Bounce Productions created an arts program, “Bounce with Me” Master Class and Workshop Program, that gives back to communities of those who want extensive training but are unable to receive it. 

The "Bounce with Me" program has several of “Bounce’s” heartfelt Projects to open opportunities to the dance community giving dancers more exposure to the many sides of dance outside of training. Bounce has a heart for giving back and making sure artist can use their talents to their fullest potential. Having been taught by some of the best Choreographers and Instructors around, she has always been exposed to the Dance Production, Direction, Teaching and performing sides of the art. To share her love and passion for dance, "Bounce With Me" will provide opportunities and most of all exposure to the following areas: Production, Direction, Teaching, Choreography, Training Etiquette, Stage Presence and Performance Opportunities.

“Bounce” has a passion for giving back and giving the opportunity to those who want to watch their dreams and passions come into fruition. Growing up with the opportunity to receive extensive training from some of the most well renowned choreographers and teachers, Bounce plans to give that opportunity to EVERYONE. With plans to grow this program and allow it to reach kids around the world, Bounce plans to take the I Am Bounce: Bounce With Me Master Class and Workshop Program on tour to different schools and studios across the states and potentially countries. Growing a relationship with local studios and schools Bounce would love to be able to host these programs with little to no worry from the students who attend. 

“Leaving an impact on others, just as much as they leave an impact on ME”- Bounce

If we make this goal, the funds are going to be used for rental space for each Master Class and Workshop, providing lunch for students and instructors for the workshops, providing scholarships for students, anything we need to expand and be able to share the openness, versatility and inspiration with as many as possible.

An endless Thank You for taking the time to read on I Am Bounce Productions and where we plan to go!

Contact: hello@iambounce.net 

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