Thanks to all who will speak honestly about the project and give frank criticism on the description of the product and the wishes of the correction

What is HypnOclock?

HypnOclock is an  extraordinary  wall clock with relaxation and meditative effects I designed. 
Idea of this clock borned from concepts with different non-round gears I've seen in few videos. At first my attention was caught by square gears, and I've started to imagine how to transform them to a part of interior.
That's how idea of HypnOclock was born, but without such name that I use now.

First concept look of "Clock with square gears"

At the begining, the rotation speed of gears was 3-4 sec per time. But after watching this looped video, I slowed rotation speed  to 8-10 sec. After continuing my watching I understood that I stucked into their movement and had to use force to look away. That's how hypnotic effect was determined.  

First prototype of HypnOclock

Because I have an easy access to plywood and a small workshop, first prototype was made by these materials. And it brought next tasks:
-solving problem with batteries consuming.
-what kind of material should gears be.
     First gears I made from plywood, next from plastic. The best and cheaper way to        produce gears is molding. So its be from plastic

Why HypnOclock is interactive?

First prototype had discharged battery in 12 hours and this became a problem. Even with additional battery I couldn't afford a neccessary time for gears movement of my clock.

I decided to apply 2 sensors - sound and light.

-Sound sensor is a trigger for starting gears movement

-Light sensor is going after sound sensor and  enable/disable backlight in clock when gears move (depending on lighting in room).

You have to clap your hands to start gears movement and it be going about 60 minutes. If there is no light in room, you'll see a soft backlight moving anticlockwise

What is inside HypnOclock?

clock case. I'll use suitable standard case, that can be modified for my needs.
-gears. This is most expensive part of manufacturing. I'll be producing gears in Ukraine and need to create die mould. One for square gears and another for ellipse gears 
-LED lights.
-Microchip PIC16C series or analogue.
-LS06-B Senba 3MM Light Photo Sensor or analogue.
-Sound detection sensor module.
-3AA batteries.(Maybe 2AA if I find low voltage light, bright enough)

Why I need your help?

Almost half of the amount will be spend on die mould. These ones can be used for 100000 times(25K+25K clocks). 
Quarter of the amount will be spend on manufacturing of backer's prizes.
And remaining part of amount will be spend on pilot production for sells.

Perks description

30x30x4,5 cm



Risk and challenges

All projects are subject to some degree of risk. I have sources and quotes in hand for all components, I've vetted our manufacturers, I have an established relationship with an assembly house and with a logistics/mailing house, and we're confident we can execute on this.I've cleared all technical milestones, I've demonstrated working prototypes, and we're ready to go!


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