Hypersay - Deliver Presentations They Will Never Forget
Hypersay - Deliver Presentations They Will Never Forget

This project has already launched.

Hypersay is a platform for interactive presentations that massively increase engagement. Keep your audience engaged with polls, questions, private notes and live slide sharing. Store, enrich & deliver presentations from your cloud. Fight #deathbypowerpoint

 Key features include:

  • ​​Live Slide Sharing - share slides with participants in real-time on their device.
  • ​​Live Polls/Quizzes - instant or pre-defined polls & show results în real-time.
  • ​​Live Open Question - allow participants to type in answers to open questions.
  • Interactive Images - upload images & allow participants to drag dots.
  • ​​Embed Videos - add YouTube/Vimeo videos in your presentation.
  • Audience Q&A Wall - crowdsource questions during your session ordered by votes.
  • Private Notes - participants can take private, contextual notes.
  • Feedback - gather automatic feedback at the end of your session.
  • Phonetic Codes - share your session using easy-to-pronounce codes.
  • ​​Claps - participants can send claps for the duration of your session.
  • Anonymity - allow unregistered participants to join.
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