Hyper Dino Crusdae
Hyper Dino Crusdae

This project has already launched.

During our first few months of university studying Video Game Development, we designed a game as a learning experience.  By mid January the prototype was finished. We'd written a lengthy vocal script that mirrored the "80/90s buddy cop action film tone" and turned it into a fast paced twin-stick shooter.  We recorded our own voices, animated our own characters and coded the game.

We'd learnt a lot and that should have been the end to it.

However,  the prototype received an overwhelmingly positive response from fellow students and lecturers. They loved the fast paced gameplay, bright cartoon-style animation and the South Park sense of humour.  It would have been a shame to scrap it like so many other pieces of coursework.

As the feedback came in, it became clear this project deserved a talented and eager team. Matt Ould set about organising this.  He welcomed upcoming artist Danny Ollier on to the project.  His diligent work is making Hyper Dino Crusade into the cinematic experience it should be. Additionally, KRH Radio (an Indy dev team) have been drafted to cover additional art and sound editing.

With the team gathered and goals set, Treasure Map Tales was born.  Since January we've set up the office, designed our website (www.treasuremaptales.com) and organised our workflow pipeline for the summer.

With sound, code, writing and animation resolved, we just needed a good performance.  So we attended several Theatre Productions across Theater Clwyd and Wrexhams William Aston Hall.  After a lengthy talent search, we found Skimming Stone Theatre Company.  Their recent two man show of Harold Pinters, The Dumb Waiter, sold them as the obvious choice to play our buddy cop duo.

With the help of Skimming Stone Theatre Company and KRH Radio, we're confident in our goal to release a fully voiced, fully animated, Twin Stick Shooter; in time for Christmas 2017.  We hope you enjoy our project.  We're certainly enjoying making it!

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