Hype Telecom Turn youre smartphone into a smarter phone
Hype Telecom Turn youre smartphone into a smarter phone




a great innovative Dutch company who provides prepaid calling mobile* and land-line, which lowers your cost and offers freedom and amazing quality!!!
Everyone should have the opportunity to make cheap calls with their mobile and land-line throughout the world with the lowest price!!

It is time to say NO to telecom providers and their expensive and overpriced obligations!

The term FREE CALLING is used widely by the providers, but in reality consumers pay (in the Netherlands) avarage € 18,70 ($25.21) per month for free calls (often a combination of television and internet subscription)
Besides this, you also pay per minute which are particularly higher rates, that are not always listed  by providers!!
Hype Telecom sees and does it differently. The internet offers all possibilities for this application without using obligations and also at very low rates world wide.
Where other providers (in the Netherlands) charge € 0,09 ct per minue, here at Hype you can call across Europe for only 0,02 ct per minute*


What makes the Hype Telecom App exclusive:

- As a customer, you don’t have any obligations towards Hype Telecom.
- Easy to use for each mobile/smarterphone phone.
- Lowest rates worldwide.
- Safe, secure and reliable.
- No hidden fees, No commissions and No obligations.
- There is only one account for all your phones. 
- Easy log in with your own account on www.hype-telecom.com


Our soon to be launched app makes it possible to use your mobile and land-line combined to one account. That's where you come in!

Hype Telecom (officially registered as telecom provider) is a new innovative telecom company, that believes that everyone should enjoy cheap and quality calls to mobile and land-lines all around the world. We are particularly proud to be the first company in the Netherlands to offer our system and we have already created "HYPE DIGI BOX" to accompany our service.

Hype Telecom was nominated 2012 " most innovative newcomer " on the telecom market, and received a personal message from (former) EU commissioner Neelie kroes in which she wishes us succes with this unique and great initiative!

Calls via your smart phone, combined with our easy to use app* keeps everything organized in one bundle.

Where providers adhere to subscriptions and (price) agreements , we at Hype Telecom believe that everyone should experience the advantages of internet for calling, which keeps cost down by nearly 80%.

After several months of development and testing , we have finally launched our exclusive Hype Telecom "DIGI BOX", which is NOW AVAILABLE in the NetherlandsThe DIGI BOX is very compact and user friendly. No extra charge for taking over you existing number and you  save up to 80% less then your current provider . Through our soon to launch app , you can also link your current calling balance to your mobile phone, and as long as you have data (free wifi or a bundle) can enjoy our same low rate. Not only do you get incredible saving but you get great service. All you need is an Internet connection!  And this is just the beginning of Hype Telecom!

Help us create this amazing App. and let everyone experience the benefit of saving money. Where other providers fail with their quality and obligations, Hype Telecom gives each customer that what they want: savings on your Phone bill and great service.
Have parent control, stay in touch with different phones in your family all combined to one bundle, easy acces on your own account.

Hype Telecom has already made ​​a start with selling the DIGI BOX in the Netherlands to save money on your call but continue to evolve , because this is just the beginning . Our proceeds will go to the development and design of our App and version 2.0 of our DIGIBOX

Pre-paid calling with your mobile and landline phone with using one bundle. Help us create and realize and position yourself at the forefront of a new era of communication.

Questions or  need more information?
Send us an email at: info@hype-telecom.com

"complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something SIMPLE"

Risks and challenges

Over the last 2 years we have designed and built many prototypes. Our final Hype DIGIBOX design has been established and already selling in the Netherlands. We’re ready to start manufacturing to scale.

Our Next step is designing and creating the most awesome and creative app to work seamlessly with our platform. We already have been working hard but we need a little help getting the app going and like we said before that where you come in.

Our proceeds will go to the development and design of our App and version 2.0 of our DIGIBOX


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