Hylaria - have a wonderfully wacky time together
Hylaria - have a wonderfully wacky time together

This project has already launched.


Hylaria is a social game that invites 4 to 8 people, age 10 and up, to join in 30 minutes of hilarious miscommunication.

Players compete in two teams for the colorful tiles in the center of the table. To have a chance at winning, your team will need a clever code that can communicate the content of the face-down tiles in front of you. Without your opponents finding out of course.

Because guess what? You NEVER get to play your own tiles. But everybody else does.

This game is whimsical, odd, unique and very inviting. Taught in a few minutes and endlessly replayable because it taps from an infinite well of variety: human creativity...

 What can you expect when you play Hylaria with your family and friends? Watch below to get a good idea.

You can find is the Hylaria RULEBOOK right here.

The German rulebook is right here.

Nederlandse spelregels zijn HIER te vinden.

German rules are HERE.

UNLOCKED at Launch. 2 Poison tiles will be added to every copy.


Fans of Hylaria, luxury scoreboards.


If we reach a 100 fans on BoardgameGeek, 2 unique, cardboard scoreboards will be added to every copy of the game. Follow the link and click the heart near the top-mid of the page. That's all!


Instead of counting your pile of tiles, go for style and use the tilebacks to point to your current score (or simply use a pawn).

Take note! These boards will only be added in the Kickstarter version boxes.

Many thanks to all the people who spend their time playing Hylaria and writing about it with only the promise of a copy of Hylaria as compensation...

United Kingdom: Will Freeman, games journalist for The Guardian and The Observer

"The core rules, illustrations, character, length and pace of the game and all the other fundamental elements are great."

Netherlands: Lee Darcy, Everydog Enterprises (Gunslingers, Koboler)

"A wonderfully simple game that entertains from the start. Within 2 minutes you will understand exactly where and why the name was derived. The fact that the team actually dictates how the system works is where the fun begins and if your not careful exactly where your teams demise starts too. A fantastically fun interactive party game that should not be missed."

Canada: A roll of the dice, boardgame reviewers (based on early prototype)

"A clean sweep for us. I have never rated a game a ten, and that is just because I do not believe any game to be perfect. This one is darn close though. The fun of fooling your friends, while secretly conversing with your team is awesome. Some of the codes we came up with made no sense, at all, to anyone, and we couldn’t help but laugh the night away trying to decipher our own code, let alone the other teams." REVIEW

USA: Game Centric TV, boardgame reviews

"Hylaria is a fun, family-oriented, game. If you liked games like Dixit or Concept, you'll not want to miss out on this one!"

USA: Paladin Eliot, boardgame reviewer

"I would recommend this game for parties, for teaching little ones, and getting them around the table. I would also recommend this game as a warm up to heavier games, or if someone is taking a break or bowing out, then this is a great game to play in between other games." REVIEW

Belgium: Fluff 'n' Crunch, boardgame reviewer

"It’s a fun little game, ideal for playing with the kids to get there imagination going or with people who are new to the hobby. With your team’s code being a hit or miss or the others cracking your code, you are bound to kick yourself in the head at least a handful of times in the game. Hilarity ensues.It is challenging enough to keep more seasoned gamers entertained, the limitation in card options and communication will keep the game fresh and new each time you play." REVIEW


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