Hydra Multi-OS Gaming Console & Controller
Hydra Multi-OS Gaming Console & Controller

This is the story of the Hydra Multi-OS Gaming Console & Controller

A few years ago,  I discovered the PCI-Passthrough feature of VMware VSphere Hypervisor. This allows you to pass a real hardware device to a Virtual Machine. This is intended for Network cards & Storage controllers - but some had reported success with video cards - allowing you to have access to the full capability of a Graphics Card in a VM. I managed to pass 6 GPU"s + USB's to six VM's!  Many applications of this come to mind - Digital Menu Boards, Office in a Box (or any other high density computer need), and of course GAMING. Gaming seems to drive PC development.

BUT - how to manage these multiple systems in an End-User friendly way remained a problem. I wrote Android Apps, Python Menu's, had a dedicated VM, but none seemed to deliver the seamless End-User experience that could make this marketable. The Android App seemed to hold the most promise.....and the perfect solution became aparent. A Game Contoroller built around an Android cell phone. An Android Phone contains an amazing amount of hardware which is VERY appropriate for a game controller:

Touch screen for keyboard & mouse input

USB OTG to connect other HID devices




Proximity, temp, WiFi, Bluetooth, Headphone jack.........

The list goes on.

To FULLY utilize the capabilities of a Cell Phone based Controller takes TIME and RESOURCES. In the interim, I've developed a mount to combine the Phone with an XBOX 360 Controller. This makes the Hydra Gaming Console & Controller a completely functional and VERY playable system with these features:

Power on the Console from the Controller
Play SteamOS, Win7, 8, 10, or Android x86 KitKat VMs
Select your desired Gaming OS from the Menu (displayed on the Controller & TV)
Display the VM booting process on BOTH, & interrupt or access VM BIOS if necessary
Touch Screen & Keyboard available at the Controller
Plug USB Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad, or Trackball into the Controller
Plug headphones into the Controller
Use the XBOX 360 Controller, Cell Phone Touchscreen, or connected device in games
Upgradeable Graphics from Nvidia Quadro included

That is what's included in VERSION 1.0 ! - But we're not done!

Future development will include a FULLY integrated Controller, the ability to Stream games to the Controller, cooperation with game developers to FULLY utilize the Controller hardware, and Multiheaded systems.

Your valued support is not just to bring this system to market, it's also to make ENTERPRISE CLASS virtualization accessible to the consumer. There are MANY Youtube's and blog posts demonstrating what was previously the STUNT of playing games on passed through hardware, with the comments full of questions. We're bringing this technology out of the STUNT realm and into your hands.


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