Hy - wireless earbuds + all day wear + no effect on hearing
Hy - wireless earbuds + all day wear + no effect on hearing

This project has already launched.

You can wear Hy all day, always ready when you want to fade out the world around you and listen to music, make a call or use a voice assistant. And until you switch on Hy's high-efficiency active noise cancellation, it leaves your natural hearing completely unaffected.


At Third Skin, we love music (and talking), so we've tried to solve the things that annoy us most about headphones, especially the new breed of wireless earbuds. Hy is our solution to low battery life, intrusive appearance and above all, having to choose between natural hearing and digital audio.

We designed Hy to fit effortlessly into your life, so you can still stay connected, but reduce how intrusive personal technology has become.

Hy lets you place and receive calls, send and receive messages, use artificial assistants and much more, just by using your voice - reducing the number of times you'll have to get your smartphone out of your pocket or purse.

Plus we've included biometric sensors not just for fitness fanatics, but also to monitor your everyday health and wellbeing.


Bluetooth with PurePath binaural interconnect


High quality balanced armature speakers for crystal clear mids and highs Revolutionary piezo wishbone driver for bone conduction bass
High efficiency active noise cancellation
Voice and external microphones


2×260mAh batteries for up to 12 hours music playback
Standard USB Micro-B charging


Infrared gesture sensor
Always-on wakeup word and voice control
Smartphone application


Heart rate and body temperature
Head motion, including activity tracking

(Specifications subject to change, but this is the minimum spec we have designed and are planning to include in the production model)

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