Hunting Sasquatch
Hunting Sasquatch

The Wild Animal Channel has put up a bounty of one million dollars for the person or persons who can bring in a live Sasquatch.   So gather your gear and your closest friends and set off on a wild journey across North America and Canada in your Hunt for Sasquatch.  But beware as you will encounter other cryptozoological species such as the Wampus Cat, The Van Meter Bat monster and many others!   Do you have the courage and nerve to face them? Or will you turn and run in hopes you can avoid any traps laid for the unware hunters. 

Hunting Sasquatch is a dice rolling game for 2-5 players where you have to press your luck and hope you can survive.  Players will start the game by taking the top card from the Hunters Deck; each hunter will have a unique ability that they can use on their turn.  Once your hunter has been drawn and it is your turn you will have a couple of choices to make on your turn.  You can either flip over the top location card and lay it on the table or you can choose to visit an already face up location.   But be careful as some places just prove too dangerous for some hunter types and if you enter them you will find yourself DOOMED!  When a hunter is Doomed you discard them and draw a new one and game passes to the next player so choose carefully. 

If you enter a location and are not doomed you will take up the Hunting Dice and roll them all at once, but be sure to keep a close eye on your hunter’s special ability as it could mean survival or dooming.  Once you roll all the dice you must match up the Death Conditions first then you can apply any left-over dice to the Victory Conditions.   If you have filled all the open Death slots on the card your Hunter has been defeated by the resident monster and your turn is over.  But if you have not filled them all and have filled all the open Victory slots then you can claim the card, place it and the evidence you have gained in front of you.  Feel free to tout your hunting skills to your fellow players at this point as well and even tell them of the story how you found the evidence you claimed.

But hold on a moment you say, what if you didn’t fill either Death or Victory? What do you then do? At that point you can choose to press your luck by taking the Fate dice and giving it a roll!  If Fate smiles on you and you get the mystical Horse Shoe you can take up all the non-placed dice and roll them again filling in open slots as before.  But if Fate has other plans for you and you roll the Bear Trap then you will have to take the Trap Effects listed on the card.  Trap effects vary greatly from taking Anti-Tokens, which will cancel a dice face that matches it, to losing a turn or even gaining re-rolls and wild card tokens!  However if you are not brave enough to risk rolling the dice a 2nd time and possibly filling up Death conditions you can choose to take the trap and end your turn.

The game will end when one of two conditions is met, the first being a single player claims one of each evidence.  Second is when a number of hunters (specified by player count and game length) find themselves in the Doomed Hunters Pile.   At that point gather up your points and count your locations and the evidence you found showing that Sasquatch is out there somewhere and whoever has the most is the winner.  They may now take the title of Big Game Hunter, Sasquatch Tracker, Smeller of Bigfeet or whatever title you choose to bestow upon them!


Each copy of Hunting Sasquatch will have 72 Hunter Cards, 54 Unique Location Cards, 8 Hunting Dice with sticker applied faces, 1 Fate Dice and over 100 Tokens!   During the Kickstarter Campaign we plan to have Stretch Goals in place that will allow us to upgrade the dice to have engraved faces and the ultimate goal a Sasquatch Miniature you can use to track whose player turn it is.  Isn’t that much cooler than a standard old chit? So spread the word to your friends so they all jump on day 1 and hit that goal because all unlocked goals are included in very copy of the game! How cool is that?


So who is SpyGlass Games anyways? Why should I back their game? Can they deliver what they promise?

Well I am glad you asked these questions because they are things all backers should ask of new creators.  SpyGlass Games is a newer board game design and publishing company based out of colorful Colorado.  We have a small team of dedicated individuals who bring nearly 60 years of combined gaming experience, marketing, design and customer service knowledge to the table.  We are also no slouches on Kickstater as we made sure to study and research every aspect of it we could in preparation for our first game that we funded on there.  That’s right! Hunting Sasquatch is our second game that we will be putting up, our first game VENOM Assault funded in early 2016 and will be shipping to backers this year! So we while not vterans have had a successful game and learned a lot of the process and have it down.   We are also planning on being around for a very long time and we have a very long list of games we want to create and bring to life with your help.

We believe in Kickstarter and how it can help independent companies get that leg up they need to start producing games or products.  So we put our money where our mouth is and we back creators we find whose campaign catches our eye, we have pledged to over 150 combined pledges among the team.  These campaigns will never fund if people don’t take the chance and pledge, so just remember when you see a campaign you like pledge right away! There is no reason to hold off, if it doesn’t make it you are out nothing save a totally awesome game that you could have played with your friends for hours and hours.   But if it succeeds then you get not only that great game you saw but you also get the feeling and the right to say “I helped that become reality.”





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