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Nonprofit Human Aware Corporation was founded back in Santa Barbara, California, USA on January 1 of year 2000 with the objective of having a good impact on societies around the world.

Armed with 172 .com .net and .org domain names back then, I chose not to proceed with the deployment of these websites then. I did not want to have my web sites polluted with ads to finance the free distribution of my digital products.

So, time has passed and the Napster, Piratebay, Google Maps, Google Mail, Google Tube, Google Brain and Facebook (to mention only a few) were born on our planet. All this, during the time I was developing remote sensing, audio and video open source software applications and publishing all of these for free online over the web.

Only in 2017, I realized the technology I had back then can produce great transparent Voronoi diagrams derived from digital content. The Vorotrans Algorithmic Art was born.

HumanAware.ORG is now operating from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and uses OIFII.ORG’s satellite imagery software technology to produce and publish digital artwork that is good for societies around our planet.

Summer 2017, I removed a few software libraries and applications from my github account and from my website.

Fall 2017, I changed business model, I plan on selling Vorotrans Art to fund my artificial intelligence software development projects at OIFII.ORG.

With HumanAware.ORG, I want to redistribute significative royalties to individuals, photographs and publishers involved in the digital images and videos from which Vorotrans Art is derived from.

For decades to come, HumanAware.ORG wants to secure a significative income for individuals involved in the digital images seeding artificial intelligence algorithms.

Vorotrans Art is in its infancy stage and in future Vorotrans artwork it may not be possible for individuals, photographs and publishers to recognize their work. But Vorotrans.ORG and HumanAware.ORG will make it as their own mission statement to significatively compensate individuals, photographs and publishers (50%/50%).

With Vorotrans Art, HumanAware.ORG will encourage individuals, unknown to each other around our planet, to collaborate together as well as encourage individuals to respectfully communicate together no matter their culture, belief, race, sexual orientation and state of mind. Our way to harmonized the societies in our world for the decades to come.

From 2017 and on, HumanAware.ORG publishes Stephane Poirier’s Vorotrans Art images, Vorotrans Art videos will help others to grow a significative income out of their digital content.



In Vorotrans art, only space partition frontiers are made visible. Such partitioning of the 2-D space is called Voronoi diagram. It is named after the Russian and Ukrainian mathematician Georgy Voronoy. Therefore each Vorotrans still image as well as each Vorotrans video frame is a Voronoi diagram. Vorotrans art is not purely algorithmic art. Vorotrans art is generated using an algorithm seeded using an image. That seed image emerges through the Voronoi diagram like if the Voronoi diagram was transparent. From which the name Vorotrans art standing for Voronoi transparent art.



I have been introduced to many computer graphics algorithms while studying complex systems and developing visual recognition software. In attempting to automate the interpretation of airborne forest cover images, I have used algorithms to model and to represent forest image textures in the computer. Inspired by some of the geometric data representations used in this science, I have applied these computer graphic algorithms onto common vegetal and animal scenes in order to generate organic Vorotrans computer art.

In my Vorotrans art, I want the organic to manifest itself out of the geometric. Natural motions and natural shapes emanates from visual scenes filtered by Voronoi diagrams.

Voronoi diagrams are composed of highly geometric visual objects. Common vegetal and animal scenes are composed of highly organic visual objects. When filtering vegetal and animal scenes with transparent Voronoi diagrams, one gets the fusion between the geometric and the organic, a computer generated semi-abstract art visually captivating to the human eye.



Stephane Poirier is a pioneer in Vorotrans art – art made out of transparent Voronoi diagrams. Poirier currently works as a software developer at OIFII.ORG and he is also OIFII.ORG’s founder. At OIFII.ORG, Voronoi diagrams are used, for individual tree level forest texture recognition out of airborne Lidar data, in order to automate the process of building new forest maps for governments. In 2017, Poirier had the idea to use these Voronoi diagrams combined with a specific algorithm to produce semi-abstract art called Vorotrans art.

For the years to come, Vorotrans art installations are now made available to art galleries around the world.

Poirier has held many research positions at Laval University, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, University of Masssachusetts in Boston, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Sherbrooke and McGill University. Over the years, Poirier has also held many corporate positions in Quebec and California. He has developed commercial software for EXFO, MATROX, ISERA, CJ and XEROX.

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