Human Emergency Life Point - HELP EMC Terminals
Human Emergency Life Point - HELP EMC Terminals

This project has already launched.


We are an international team of designers, technicians, engineers, media and retail oriented professionals who works continuously on projects in the field of design, media and technology.

The general concept of our latest effort is to support community by educating, informing and protecting people. The starting point of this perception is a new synergy of medical and media demands and the result of this twin approach is the HELP (Human Emergency Life Point) indoor/outdoor digital signage terminal, which unites two solutions in one device for everyday situations. And that is digital out-of-home communication and layperson emergency life saving.

You may ask why we have added life saving option to a digital media tool? The answer is simple though shocking:

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the worldwide number one killer causing several millions of deaths every year.

Each year just in the U.S. about 325.000 people die because of sudden cardiac arrest. In Europe this figure even more than double.

As HELP EMC terminal was designed with built-in and publicly accessible defibrillator, in the unfortunate event when the defibrillator has to be removed and used the terminal automatically switches into emergency mode and start to broadcast short videos and life-saving information. It also sends an emergency message to 911 with the nature and location of emergency. Most of the SCA victims could be saved with these terminals and your assistance, as we give you the hardware and the knowledge to do the proper reanimation in layperson emergency situations until the ambulance arrives, so we can together prevent unnecessary loss of life.

HELP EMC terminals are strengthen by a 6 + 6 mm laminated tempered safety glass that fully protects the equipment against physical impacts and vandal attacks. It is also covered by a special coating that protects the case against graffiti since it doesn't let the paint dry and the undesired stains can easily cleared off. Essential parts of HELP digital media are the HD resolution LCD panels with sun-readable technology in various sizes between 52 up to 82 inches.

Besides its life saving capability, HELP EMC terminals are also equipped with a wide range of useful applications, HD resolution traffic cameras for crime prevention or investigation, web access to the local tourist attractions, Points of Interests and public information, up-to-date weather-, sports-, news and announcements and many more.

HELP EMC terminals can be freely customized in screen size, broadcasting requirements (single or double sided) according to the needs or the nature of use. It can be installed temporarily or permanently; indoor or outdoor as it withstands practically all weather conditions, can be even equipped with electric vehicle quick charger or embedded into our latest design, eco-friendly and self-powered bus shelters.

Modern society is obviously all about the right knowledge at the right time; we continuously monitor news and information but how can we filter the non-essential from vital and up-to-date?

HELP EMC terminals can inform you about the latest local and nationwide news, public announcements, warnings or emergency situations during events, festivals, other public places like airports, bus or train stations, while walking on the street or even at home. It keeps you up-to-date all the time, even directly via your smart phone by push notifications, if you let it and want it to.

With HELP EMC terminals we put you in charge of the knowledge and information you need and when you need it.



We are still in the development process of shaping this product inside and out as we want it to be perfect. We still have several more developments to make your life easier, our community safer and smarter. We are planning to add a completely re-designed, multi-lingual, interactive and user-friendly interface with multiple functions, features and applications of convenience and safety - similar to smart devices - like:

- Industrial grade Wi-Fi Hotspot: able to serve up to 2000 clients per unit within half a mile range. With HELP EMC network we are able to create a complete city wide Wi-Fi network coverage.

- Artificial Intelligence Interface (AII): equipped with proximity sensors, face and voice recognition software for events, identifying and welcoming guests, reading RF cards or QR codes from digital or printed invitation letters;

- Smart Access Control System: Development of SACS Interface for entrances and gates in office buildings, hospitals, stations of public transportation etc. Works together with AII;

- Push notification capability: informing users and guests in real-time about information and notifications during events or emergency situations;

- Multiple USB ports and docking station: Pin pad accessible charging ports for smart devices while you are for example on the beach etc;

- Navigation: Updated Google Maps and Navigation;

- Emergency: voice call function with direct access to 911;

- Emergency broadcasting: before and during hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes or terror attacks etc;

- Public Information: Expanded POIs, up-to-date event- and tourist information, public transportation and airport information, Police announcements (missing/wanted persons);

- NEWS: Real time local and nationwide news interface, weather forecast and warnings;

- Advertisement: Paid content advertisement and infomercial;

- eV: Optional and built-in electric vehicle quick charger;

- Solar2: we are working on a special casing which is covered by a flexible solar film, thereby certain functions will be powered by renewable energy;

- TraffiCam: Publicly accessible live-feed HD traffic cameras;

- EMC2 Mobile App: actual locations of HELP EMC terminals showing which one is equipped with life saving defibrillator unit or electric vehicle charger. Access to the same features like HELP EMC terminals have, including push notifications, alerts, warnings, news, live feed webcam etc. Educational and life saving videos and instructions. Wi-Fi coverage map;

- Urban Furniture Selection: A useful and stylish line of urban furniture designed for convenience and everyday use. Made even for the most rigid weather conditions and various areas of applications. This selection includes bicycle and ski/wakeboard rack, flower stand, air conditioned and weather/vandal proof benches.

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