How to make safety of products in supermarkets and apparel store
How to make safety of products in supermarkets and apparel store

This project has already launched.

Supermarket brought much convenient to consumers, they can get all kinds of products at one time, also can according to their time arrangement, no need worry about miss the time. Along with supermarket expand, more and more products added, how to make safety of those products would become a problem. As for the server is limited, can not monitor each products and person, things of products missing happened,so let’s discuss the ways to improve this.anti theft tags

An eas system, anti theft tags or anti shoplifting labels, according to the products. For soft woven products or clothes, would be prefer use reusable hard tags, insert the clothes. For hard and flat surface, would be use anti theft labels, this label only use one time, will be taken away together with products, which requires eas label cheap enough. For bottles and wine, lanyard is a good choice, wist around the bottleneck. There are electronic sensors stand on the exist of supermarket, only the eas tags or label go through the deactivator pad when take charge, products can be taken outside successfully, or alarm would ring.

In this way, supermarket would cost for the system and anti theft tags and labels, but to make sure products safe enough.

Also this system used too much in apparel store, there are a large visitors flow rate, all kinds of person come and go, some try it on, the system become an important eye at the exist, a guarder to protect all apparel in store.

If you are a owner of supermarket or apparel store, EAS anti theft tags and labels would be your helper.

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