How to Make an App From Beginning to End
How to Make an App From Beginning to End

Do you have an awesome app idea but don't know where to start? Have you ever tried to learn to code, but only to get frustrated and give up? Did you get confused by the endless programming jargon or put off by outdated tutorials?

We're making this online coding course for you!

Many, many years ago when we first started learning to code, we came up against similar hurdles. There were many stops and starts before we could call ourselves programmers and start our app development studio.

The London App Brewery all started when a friend of mine wanted to learn how to code and make his own app. I taught him on a weekend over a few beers and now two years later, we've taught over 4000 students and have worked with some of the biggest names in tech to make programming education fun and accessible to everybody.

Through our in-person classes we know that we can teach core programming concepts faster by making it relevant and getting students to build cool apps, like Snapchat and Whatsapp. ($1billion acquisition not included).

We've had students fly from all over the world to come to our central London coding classes. But we know that jet lag is not good for brain function and not everyone can afford to fly to London. So we've decided to bring our coding school online to give everybody the opportunity to learn using our tried and tested methods.

We'll show you how to build some of the most successful apps on the App Store and explain the programming concepts behind what you're doing. This way you'll actually understand the code you're writing rather than just copy and paste tutorial code. Then you'll solidify that learning by completing coding challenges that use what you've just learnt and start building apps by yourself.

Being a great app developer is more than just about learning how to program. That's why we'll also teach you how to design your app to make it look beautiful as well as how to market your app to get more downloads. 

The 15 lesson design module will cover the fundamentals of design, including typography and colour theory as well as diving deeper into mobile UI and UX design. 

In the 18 lesson app marketing module we'll be talking about growth hacking techniques, App Store Optimisation (ASO) workflows, getting press and getting featured on the App Store.

Learning to program by yourself can sometimes feel like putting together a puzzle without all the pieces. We try to help you by making sure all the pieces are in the box, put them into different piles organised by colour and make sure that you've got the final picture on hand. In a sense, your coding journey is like that final picture and this is what it looks like.




We use clear explanations and plenty of animations in the video tutorials so even if you don't have a technical background you'll still be able to fully understand all the coding concepts.



One of the biggest problems with learning to program online is motivation. We've been there and we get it. I've started many Coursera courses, only to end up giving in to a tub of ice-cream and Game of Thrones. 

That's why we've got a buddy system for our course. If you wish, we can pair you up with another student at the same level as you so that you can work through the materials and challenges together and help motivate each other. Of course some people work better alone, so this is completely optional. 


We know that a lot of you will be taking the course for professional development. Maybe you're looking at a new role or a change of company. If you get the course through this Kickstarter, we'll put you on the certification track without you needing to pay a cent more. 

Here you'll be able to submit your coding challenges and we'll mark your code. If you pass all the coding challenges (there's a total of 5), then we'll issue you a L.A.B. LinkedIn certificate that shows the curriculum you've been trained on and that you have achieved a foundation level in iOS (Swift) or Android (Java) programming. 


We're setting up a private community for all our students on Slack. Here we'll make programming jokes, organise meetups and talk about our app building joys and woes. Our past students have come from diverse backgrounds such as design, business development, web, product management, medicine, law, finance and more there will be no doubt a lot of collaboration and maybe you'll even find your next co-founder.


We know that we can't be the experts on everything. But fortunately we have a lot of friends in the tech industry. This is why we are able to bring the best teachers for every topic. For example, recently we had Rikke, a UI/UX designer working at Ustwo, the studio that made Monument Valley come and talk to our students about UX design. In two weeks, we've got Ali the Head of Platform Partnerships at Twitter teach our students about app analytics using Fabric. 

You won't be left out of this! If you're in London then we'll reserve seats for you at all our events and if you're online then we'll give you access to the live streams or recordings as well. You education doesn't stop at programming.









We've had the opportunity to teach some of the most awesome students from some of the most awesome companies.


We're trusted by some of the most amazing companies and organisations.








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