How to build customize and launch your own online TV?
How to build customize and launch your own online TV?

By the end of 2017, one-fourth of the world’s population will no longer pay for cable TV. Online TVs are scoring high. High-speed Internet availability and access to premium video on demand services are pushing the growth needle of online TV industry.

All these factors have propelled online TV to become a modern-day phenomenon. If there was ever a better time in history to build and own an online TV of your own, it is now.

The secret behind the explosive growth of online television channels

Video streaming, online TV, video on demand, so many terms are used to refer to cord cutting that has reduced the consumption of traditional television.

There are four major reasons that has put the online TV industry on a growth course:

  1. Access to superior streaming technology for broadcasters

  2. Manifold increase in number of available channels

  3. Penetration of streaming technology in everyday use gadgets

  4. Profusion of diverse business models & revenue channels

Major Market Players reforming the online TV landscape

The most common online television channels include Netflix, TV Network Website, Hulu, Amazon Prime, iTunes, HBO Go, and so on. See graph for the level of engagement each of these services command in the industry.

These media brands or online television channels and services cater to the entertainment diet of viewers with a growing range of media content. From hand picked movies to series, even stand up comedy broadcasts, they stream a host of media that erstwhile cable companies could not have dreamt of.

How to build, customize and launch your online TV easily?

Sounds like a hoax? Well, the truth is the technology for building and launching an online TV is so easily available today. There are pre-built solutions that can be customized for online video streaming and TV content delivery. Be it short video snippets or series that run into several month-long seasons, these video solutions help you become an owner of your own online television channel.

Contus Vplay - A complete Video on Demand solution to build online TV

Contus Vplay is a perfect solution to launch your own online TV. As a cloud-based video solution, Contus Vplay helps you host, stream and scale online TV distribution from few people to millions of viewers within a short span of time.

How different is it?

Contus Vplay solves the biggest problem that novice video publishers, TV channels, broadcasters and many other digital media content owners face while trying to make their first break in the Internet television medium. The problem of scalability, security and flexibility.

Diving into the features that Contus Vplay offers:

Contus Vplay delivers high on features that helps drive:

  • Omni channel revenue growth

  • Low latency Content Delivery

  • Digital Media Security

Features engineered for 22nd Century OTT Tv Delivery:

What kind of online TV Channels can Contus Vplay help you build?

Literally anything you want to. Contus Vplay can help build an Internet TV channel for various purposes such as Sports, Fashion, News, Media, Music, Videos, Reality shows, Independent artists, Cookery shows, Tutorials etc.


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