How Multichannel Order Management Helps E-Retailers Increase Their Sales Twofold
How Multichannel Order Management Helps E-Retailers Increase Their Sales Twofold

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74% of the retailers are eyeing to expand their customer base through multi channel selling, says a survey report by ChannelAdvisor. A large proportion of retailers (both online & offline) have already taken up multichannel selling to beef up their sales volumes.

With more sales volumes, multichannel order management becomes a messy affair, which without a proper system can even go out of hand. Thus, it is with reason we recommend to opt for a multichannel order management system that will help you drive more online sales volumes.

Here is how multichannel order management for ecommerce helps you sell more.

Unified Order Management

A single place for all your channel orders - that is how best a multichannel order management system can help your business grow.

With orders flying in from multiple channels simultaneously it is easy to lose track of orders and the inventory/resources required for 100% order fulfillment.

With a multi-channel ecommerce order management software, it becomes easy to prioritize  orders and stock in line with the business process. Orders which need to processed and dispatched earlier can be tagged to specific inventory, which also prevents the risk of overlapping orders.

Furthermore, in advanced online retail practices like drop shipping or third party warehouse dispatch, a well-thought out multi-channel ecommerce order management process will help establish stability in operations.

Backorder Processing to Boost Volumes

Backorder processing is literally a feat for online businesses and it is not definitely achievable with manual systems or less specced order management tools. An elaborate multichannel order management software can help iron out the complications in backorder processing.

A multi channel order management process can provide a complete track of inventory shortage and order demands for the immediate period on a real time basis. Based on the same, the next purchase order can be raised to vendors for fulfilling pending orders. Multichannel order management software linked to inventory systems will also help keep of track of minimum inventory threshold levels.

Analytical Order Reports

A multi channel order management software can provide analytical reports about how much stock is allocated to each channel, closing balance after booked orders, pending orders and pre-allocated inventory.

It is possible to keep track of recurring orders, the inventory supply for which can be increased to push sales volumes. In addition to regular analytical order reports, it is also possible to get special reports by SKU, period, quantity and other related parameters.

Bringing it all together

A well-defined software for multichannel order management for ecommerce stores will help negate the issue of order mismanagement of multiple channels by bringing together all orders under a single dashboard. It spares the effort needed to compile and sort orders from multiple channels. It eliminates the need to hop from channel to channel to ascertain order particulars before delivery process can be initiated.

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