How I got to the E.R (card game)
How I got to the E.R (card game)

About this project

How I got to the E.R is a party game that has no room for a solid plan and keeps the creative juices flowing, but thats what ultimately makes the game great! With the lack of time to create your story, what comes out is normally weird, sometimes creepy, and usually hilarious.

Each player is dealt three unique cards and attempts to tell the best story they can within one minute. Once their time is up, it's up to the other players to judge how entertaining the story really was. 

We suggest playing with 3 or more player.

In "How I got to the E.R" , there is no right or wrong answers -

Each game comes with:

  • 90 cards
  • A custom box and rules


We have played this game numerous times. The stories have never repeated themselves. With all the fun we have with the game, we decided you should have some fun as well. 

Play testers loved it! They loved the free pizza as well but we are sure they came back for the game, time after time.

Review and game play:

 Printing - We're printing with AdMagic - the same manufacture as  "Hogger logger, Cards Against Humanity, Havoc and Hijinks, Games of phones, FUN-emplyed and Kombat Kittens" to name a few.

Cover Art- Artwork is provided by the talented Devin Kraft, the creator of "Dragon Slayer".

Create a Card Disclaimer- We are happy to open up the game to the backers, and have you put your own personal touch on "How I got to the E.R". After all, Kickstarter is all about crowd funding and building a community, and what better way to build a community than having backers collaborate with us on the game. If your backer level entitles you to make a card, we’ll work together to make something that will work great for the game.

                                      final artwork will vary slightly 

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