Hourglass Music Video
Hourglass Music Video

This project has already launched.

A new contemporary dance music video!

After the success of our "Pale Ghosts" music video, filmed in my former town, Kortenhoef (see here:  https://youtu.be/nY3yVHfin78), my team and I are so excited to embark on our next project.  

I've been thinking for a very long while that I'd like to have a video that features contemporary dance.  I absolutely love the way that dance can express different elements of music and have been hoping to have the opportunity to do a music video for one of my songs that features dance, and I've found just the right person to help make this happen!  I have been chatting with my long time friend Kevin Jenkins, a wonderful choreographer, artist and dance instructor, about choreographing a music video for my song "Hourglass."  Fortuitously, he will be in San Diego at the same time as I, and we have assembled a group of dancers and a storyline for the video, as well as crew to film the video.  We will have three couples representing our story arc, and can't wait to share it with you!

"Hourglass" is very close to my heart. I composed this song about the time that I spent in Puget Sound with my grandparents as a child, and about longing for a time that has past and will never return.  I lost my grandpa Skid two weeks before my wedding, and a month before I moved away to Europe.  Reflecting on his 70 year marriage to my grandma Mary, I decided that I would really love to create a video that will pay tribute to this special, life-long love, and also express the feeling of this loss.  I know how healing it can be for people who are processing through these kinds of huge life changes and loss to connect with others through music and dance, and I hope this will be not only a beautiful video, but one that touches your hearts.  You can hear the whole song here:  https://gayleskidmore.bandcamp.com/track/hourglass or find it on iTunes or Spotify

I will be flying to San Diego in June to be there for rehearsals and filming.  We have found a wonderful studio in which to film the video, and my husband Rob (who did such lovely work on my "Pale Ghosts" video with his visual effects) will be working on visual effects for this video.  We are excited to invite a few special guests to watch the rehearsals and filming and to celebrate with us! 

As for the logistics of the video, Kevin is already working with the three couples on the choreography for the video, so it's time for us to get involved and help get this project moving! 

This is the breakdown of what we will need:

  • Choreographer/Director/Editor: €1400 
  • DP/equipment rental/travel): €500 
  • Lighting rental/design: €100 
  • 6 Dancers: €1000
  • Location:  free

We've put together some really exciting rewards for our backers on this one.  Again, if you're in San Diego, you'll be able to attend rehearsals for the video shoot, meet the dancers, and even attend the filming with me!

Thank you so much for being a part of this video project. The higher we go with the total, the more we'll be able to accomplish with this video. We're excited to get started!



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