Hound Makerspace
Hound Makerspace

This project has already launched.

Hound is a space for makers who are looking for the right tools and environment to attain success in the maker movement.


My name is Celina Muire and I am Austin based woodworker. Shortly after opening up an online store for my handmade items, I realized that I spent a lot more time selling the product than I did making it. Countless hours were spent on photography, website updates, talking to wholesale buyers, making store visits, and searching for local collaborators for developing projects. After an exasperate search for a bigger studio for my growing business, I felt that the Austin real estate market fell short of providing adequate space and resources for small makers like me.

Sure, there were lots of so called "makerspaces" scattered through-out the Austin area, but these were merely designed for tech start-ups. Rolling up to this kind of makerspace with big tools, sans Macbook, and the ambition to create mounds of sawdust, would have raised some serious eyebrows.  

That's when the concept of Hound was born. After talking to dozens of local makers, it was evident that no matter what craft people were into, they all had the same branding and small business needs. I want to create a space for makers in the Austin area that provides every tool a maker needs to be successful in the "American-Made Movement." With Hound's unique blend of resources, makers have an edge-up on their competitors. The goal with Hound is to create a community of makers whose creative vision is limitless because Hound provided the tools they needed to succeed.

I truly believe that Hound can help foster small manufacturing businesses in the Austin area and promote American made goods using ethical labor and locally sourced materials. Hound will contribute to the most significant elements of Austin as one of the most creative cities in the world.

Here are some amenities that make Hound different from other makerspaces:

  • Direct access to legal advice from top attorneys in the Austin area ensure each maker is on top of their taxes, copyrights, and patents.
  • In-house DSLR photography and graphic design tools help facilitate a cohesive and beautiful online presence for makers by having easy access to create product and process photography. 
  • Top brand consultants with proven results have partnered with Hound to ensure its members achieve a consistent brand identity online.
  • Wholesale resources help each maker develop a professional wholesale catalog, and facilitate relationships with local and national retailers. 
  • Hound also offers innovative tools like in-house 3D printers and HP Sprouts with Adobe Creative Suite.



3D printing is the future of manufacturing and a leading component in the maker movement. Hound will offer 3D printing services to the general public for an hourly fee.

There are a number of 3D printing facilities in Austin who will 3D print your .obj or .stl file. However, most people do not have the CAD software or design programming on their home computers to create such a file.

The HP Sprout & Dremel 3D Idea Builder is a unique synthesis of technology that allows users (at any level of expertise) to easily create their own 3D file to print. A person can simply come to Hound's 3D printing facility with either an object they want to recreate or an idea of an object they want to make with the HP Sprout software. Hound will offer guidance for those who want to operate the HP Sprout and 3D Printer.

With Hound’s 3D printing facility, the general public will be able to fully engage in the 3D printing experience by creating their own object with the HP Sprout and watching it come alive in the 3D Idea Builder.

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