Houdini's Silver Dollar Misfits Graphic Novel For All-Ages!
Houdini's Silver Dollar Misfits Graphic Novel For All-Ages!

This project has already launched.

I'm Dwight L. MacPherson, creator/writer of the Harvey-nominated The Surreal 
Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo, all-ages Kid Houdini and the Silver Dollar 
Misfits, the critically-acclaimed Dead Men Tell No Tales, and co-writer of 
Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom, which is currently in production 
as a feature-length animated film.

I have started this Kickstarter project to create and print an original action-adventure mystery story titled Houdini's Silver Dollar Misfits. I'm working with my old pal and collaborator, Mathieu Benoit, and we have created a powerful and unique story featuring a diverse cast of characters. 

Who is Drake Smith, and why is the world’s most powerful secret society chasing him? Houdini’s Silver Dollar Misfits tells the story of an orphan and his ragtag friends who are forced on a fantastical journey to gather clues and solve these mysteries...or die trying. 

We've all seen the shows where orphans set out to discover who they truly are and where they come from. Sometimes their searches result in wonderful reunions with tears and embraces. But sometimes they result in mind-numbing revelations that completely shatter their worlds and turn their lives upside-down. Drake Smith is such a searcher, and he will take us on a magical quest filled with hidden clues, supernatural terrors, subterranean passageways, deadly traps, secret chambers, and the world's most sinister secret society, before he finally learns the truth.

Will you help us make this graphic novel a reality? We need your financial support and promotional help to make it happen. Thank you! 

You can also find out more about us and this project at hpcomics.net

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