Hope Without Borders-Translation
Hope Without Borders-Translation

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The ‘Hope Without Borders’ series of novels are inspired by my work in child protection and based on real life child abuse cases, (it is for this reason that my personal image does not appear here.) They detail the anatomy of a new type of criminal investigation, one that combines the online and real worlds. The stories depicted in these novels are based on the truth; the investigations show that our online and real worlds have become merged, and that it is no longer appropriate to think of them as separate. Nowhere is it possible to hide from this fact, including nearly 20% of the world population who speak Chinese. The harsh truth is that although there are overwhelmingly more positive effects in having our lives merged with the digital one, there are also negative impacts, especially for our most precious of assets—our children. When criminals operate in an environment where there are no borders, where you can purport to be anybody, and where in comparison to the worlds population that have some form of access to the internet; 3.5 billion, there is approximately only 0.007 of a police officer per million of that population policing the internet, and that’s being very optimistic about the situation.

My aim in writing the novels was firstly to raise awareness and understanding of the problem in a way that any reader could understand the training and education embedded in the story line. And secondly, get it out to parents and professionals alike in a medium that was not daunting, informing them and the wider community of the risks to their children from sexual abuse, empowering parents and guardians alike to protect not only their children, but also that of others.

Every victim of child sex abuse carries a life sentence in some form. Awareness and understanding can, and does, lead to safeguarding our children. The costs to the wider community are huge. Take New Zealand for example; a country with a population of only 4.6 million, the costs are around 3 billion NZ dollars a year. It’s a huge financial ‘no brainer’ , one small act can save millions and yet governments around the world consistently take short term fixes for long term problems, or worse, do nothing. This project really does fulfil the criteria of; ‘so much can be done, by so few’.

Translating approximately 300 thousand words is an enormous task, taking an estimated 6 plus months, but the benefits out weigh how daunting the task is—the chance to use an accessible medium to reach out and raise awareness in order to protect children. A translation into Chinese gives a platform to that 20% of the world who may not otherwise have access to such information. A small dedicated team of translators have already pledged their support through cost cutting, some giving time for free.

If you want to help make a real and profound difference to a child’s life, one that will save them from a life sentence, one that will prevent them from ever being abused, or rescuing them from that abuse, then please help by supporting this project.

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