Free Restaurant For Homeless
Free Restaurant For Homeless


Redefining Meals

What do you think of when you think of poverty? Most people think of someone without material possessions, which is true. But when asked this question, a homeless woman responded by,

“We are like garbage that everyone wants to get rid of.”

HOPE Projects goal is to restore how the homeless view themselves. We will be partnering with local homeless shelters.

We will be transforming their cafeteria into a fancy restaurant, complete with professional interior design, entertainment, fine china, and waiters/waitresses to serve them. Take a look at what Mediocre Films, a YouTube channel, did; this is our inspiration and vision for these shelters:



Join the Movement

We need $5,000 in order to make this happen! This restaurant will start off by being open once a month in a shelter. Then, we will gradually keep it open longer-- bi-weekly, weekly, every other day, to daily. Our contributions for this campaign will cover 12 days of being open which will feed over 300 people. Join us; become part of the movement that is redefining how meals are served to the homeless.

Thank You!

If you can’t help by materially contributing, there are other ways you could help fight homelessness!

  • Share this page on all your social media networks
  • Ask your family and friends to donate to us as part of your Christmas gift
  • Volunteer at your local shelter
  • Have any fine china, tablecloths, place settings, silverware? We could use it! Email us for more details!

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Instagram: @helpotherpeopleeat

                                            Twitter: @HOPE_4_Homeless

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