Hope Man Activity Book
Hope Man Activity Book


Who is Hope Man?  He's a superhero -- one for the State of Rhode Island.  He exists to inspire others, influence positive change and help spread hope wherever it’s needed.


As a major part of a social awareness campaign, Hope Man's main purpose is to show that Rhode Island is an exciting place to live, work, play and grow thriving businesses.  This message is carried to Rhode Island and beyond through traditional and social media, appearances at arts and entertainment events, and Hope Man­ branded merchandise.

Hope Man exists to inspire others, influence change and help spread hope wherever it's needed.  By day, he lives as Grant Hope, a frustrated second-year associate at a corporate law firm.  But by night, he becomes a Rhode island superhero, a symbol for Rhode Islanders accomplishing great things by embracing their own assets and collective powers.


The concept is this — a Hope Man­ themed coloring and activity book featuring stories and characters that encourage cultural vitality and positive social change.  Families and children will learn about the State of Rhode Island and what it has to offer, showcasing our heritage, beauty, commerce, and culture.  Locals and tourists alike will be able to enjoy a fun and interactive way to connect with Rhode Island, fostering a deep sense of pride in our state.

The activity books will be distributed to children in classrooms, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and many other locations.  Inspiring hope in young children will build up the next generation of Rhode Islanders to pursue innovation in business and engage with their community.  We want to distribute as many activity books as possible for free, but we need your help make it possible!



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