Honey Wars
Honey Wars

Launching March 1, 2016!

It’s a beautiful spring day, the flowers are in bloom, and there’s an epic battle waging beneath the petals. You and your fellow players control hives of bees, working to build your army while blocking your opponents’ efforts to do the same. Defend your hives, harvest honey, and use cards to attack your opponents.

Honey Wars is the winner of the 2015 Gamehole Con "Take That" Board Game Challenge. Of the 87 entries into the contest, Honey Wars was picked #1 based on overall presentation, playability, unique design aspects, and fun! Jeff King and Jordan Steinhoff, from All Us Geeks, judged the contest.

The first player to have 3 hives and 12 honey wins the game! Players take 4 different actions on their turn:

Defend- Roll the die once for each of your hives that is being attacked.

Harvest- Gain honey from your hives.

Spend- Attack your opponents' hives, build a new hive, or hire a beekeeper buddy.

Draw- Discard cards from your hand and draw new cards.

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"If you're in the market for a family game, this one will definitely fit that bill. It's easy to play, easy to learn."


The world’s honey bee population is in serious decline. We've done our best to make accurate in-game representations of the threats and struggles that honey bees face. To make sure, we worked with Dr. Jamie Ellis and the University of Florida Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab in this endeavor.

Bees are responsible for pollinating the crops that provide about 90% of the world’s nutrition. We hope to make Honey Wars not only an enjoyable gaming experience, but also one that helps spread awareness about the plight of these awesome little bugs.

Do your part to save the bees! Have some fun and learn something while you’re at it. Pick up a copy of Honey Wars and maybe one for a friend.

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