What is it?

HomeTraq™ is a device that monitors temperature, humidity and sound. If it detects that one of these things are out of a specified range then it will send you either a SMS text or email alert. No existing phone line or internet connection is required at the monitored location. 

The device is smart enough to distinguish between a loud noise like a thunderstorm and a real siren from your alarm system. This will prevent sending false alerts.

For more advanced users, you can use the app on your phone or computer to change the point at which alerts are generated. You can even configure the device to alert based on a specific type of sound. 

You will also have the ability to change which months you want to turn ON the monitoring.

What are the goals of the project?

1. Provide a simple device that anyone can use.

2. Create a device that is affordable. 


3. Easy to install the device. You just plug the device into a source of power (USB or 110V / 230V AC adapter).

Who is HomeTraq™ for?

If you have a second home or vacation property that you want to monitor while you are away then this is for you. In fact, any remote location can be monitored as long as cellular service and power is available for the device. The SIM card that comes with the device will automatically roam and find a cellular network to connect to.

How much does HomeTraq™ cost?

Each device comes with a SIM card that will not expire. You only pay $6 for any month that you want to activate the monitoring. There are no contracts, no activation fees and you only pay for the months you want it to be monitoring. You do not have to select adjacent months either. You can even use your own SIM card and avoid paying the monthly charge.

What comes with the HomeTraq™ device?

  • SIM card that does not expire
  • USB power cable
  • 110V or 230V AC adapter
  • Manual

How do you Install the System?

You connect the device to power using the supplied USB cable and AC adapter. Then use the provided app on your phone or computer to set which phone number or email address will receive the alert.

Next you select which months you would like to turn ON the monitoring. Any combination of months can be selected including no months.

More advanced users can configure individual alert set points and the amplitude and duration of sound that will trigger an alert.


Renders on all types of devices like mobile, tablet and PC.
Renders on all types of devices like mobile, tablet and PC.

Project Team



Estimated Production Fulfillment Plan  

June 2014  

  • Order first production pcb and case - Done
  • Start firmware design - Done

July 2014

  • Assemble first production unit and test - Done
  • Start HTML 5 app design - Done

September 2014 

  • Send out first 10 units to beta testers - Done 

November 2014 

  • Finalize Pricing of Materials - Done
  • Negotiate assembly contract - Done
  • Negotiate SIM card and SMS Text Pricing - Done

January 2015

  • Start Kickstarter Campaign - Done
  • Based on feedback from beta testers, make changes
  • Finalize firmware for device 
  • Finalize pcb design 

February 2015 

  • Minimum Kickstarter commitment reached.
  • Finalize HTML 5 app.

March 2015 

  • Place order for production pcbs 
  • Place order for injection molded cases 
  • Place order for SIM cards.

April 2015 

  • Monitor assembly process and assess quality 
  • Prepare everything for shipping

May 2015

  • Ship rewards to backers

Supported Countries

USA, Canada, Mexico 
All of E.U countries 
UK, Ireland, Australia 
Russia, South Korea, Hong Kong 
South Africa, Japan, Brazil 
Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey 
Israel, Cyprus, India




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