HOLOS - Symbol for Love, Peace, and Unity
HOLOS - Symbol for Love, Peace, and Unity

This project has already launched.

HOLOS 3D printed Amulets are a universal symbol for inner and outer peace. The infinite energy flow rejuvenates, connects and protects.

An amazingly beautiful design that models the pattern of creation. 

  • The power of this amulet is the message it delivers: to bring about greater inner and outer peace, love, and unity. 
  • The HOLOS design symbolizes our understanding that we are One Humanity.
  • It expresses what physicists have been seeking as the origins and theory of our universe. 
  • The nine spirals of this torus geometry symbolize our wholeness as well as our diversities. 
  • Its infinite energy flow rejuvenates, connects and protects. 


We continually receive positive comments about the influence of HOLOS Amulets on the lives of those who have been a part of our initial offering. The beauty and rejuvenation of the HOLOS Amulet is confirmed by physicists, spiritualists, healers, psychics, jewelers, and most everyone who sees this design.

"The HOLOS design is a new sacred geometry. When I look at the design, I see a “labyrinth to our soul”. You (Brian) have cleared yourself enough to bring forward this symbol for peace. Congratulations." Karen S

"The HOLOS design is complex simplicity at its finest, much like the organization of our universe. Thanks much, Brian. Sincerely and with respect," Fred A

"My HOLOS amulet arrived today and it is Perfect! I have seen many other torus pendants/amulets before finding yours, but yours was definitely the most beautiful. I thank you for everything. All the best to you," Tommy H

"I love the HOLOS – a simply elegant design, infinite continuity, and leading edge creation (3D printing). The fact that it comes in a choice of finishes is even more impressive. It will win, just keep it simple and let it flow. In so many ways it sells itself!" Michael N

"I received the HOLOS today and it is so beautiful. I put it on and find comfort in how it brings healing energies into my very being, like a vortex portal. Thank you for touching my life in such a meaningful way. Peace," Adrian G

"I wanted to write to tell you personally how my pendant seems to be having a VERY positive impact on my life. After I had been wearing my pendant for about a month, I began to notice that I felt not as weighted down with worry and anxiety. I seem to be thinking more about peace in the world in general than worrying so much about peace in my own life. Thank you so much for creating such a lovely piece of art for us all to enjoy and find positive results in our own lives. With warm regards," Susie B

"I love this beautiful symbol for world peace and unity. I wear mine all the time, it goes with almost all of my other necklaces. It just feels good!" Anatta C.

"I have seen this symbol for One Humanity as a pendant. They are nothing short of stunning artistry, and an amazing and powerful symbol for oneness in itself!" Marilyn S.

"I love, love, love my pendant. Thank you so much for making it." Dorothy D.

"Really really love my gold plated HOLOS and am so grateful it is mine. It is my favorite thing to wear, especially when I am getting dressed up for anything fancy." Amy Lynn S

"I am so happy to have this new silver HOLOS! So grateful for your offerings of beauty and spirit. Feeling blessed by your work, this beautiful symbol of health and wholeness." Deborah B

"I recently received my HOLOS pendant as a gift from a good friend. I didn’t know what to expect but I can tell you what did happen when I put it around my neck, I immediately felt an energy that I did not have before. All my interactions with people were so much easier and comfortable. I was in the middle of a photo shoot at the time and all of a sudden everything seemed much more alive and with each model I felt a connection to them I wasn’t feeling before I wore the HOLOS pendant. From that day forward many things about my daily well-being, my feeling of energy and overall outlook was so much better. I was a restless sleeper. I use a Fit Bit activity tracker that monitors my sleep and it would show several periods of restlessness before the HOLOS pendant. Now I have been sleeping soundly for the entire night. Finally today at lunch with friends, someone said to me ”You look so good with that pendant.” I feel very much at one with my world. I believe it is because of the HOLOS pendant and I wear it everyday and I love it!" David B

"I am grateful beyond words. Would you happen to have another HOLOS in antique bronze like the one I just bought? I just gifted the last one to someone who could use it." Mark H

"I went to Buenos Ares wearing your HOLOS. So many people stopped me and asked where to get it?" Cher S-B

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