Holmes Away From Home: Adventures From the Great Hiatus
Holmes Away From Home: Adventures From the Great Hiatus

This project has already launched.

New Sherlock Holmes Stories Edited by the Great David Marcum

Sherlock Holmes! The very name of the world’s greatest detective conjures up images of Victorian London, gaslit streets, hansom cabs, and dense fogs. But there was a time, a dark three-year period, when London had to make do without Sherlock Holmes. From 1891 to 1894, he was presumed to be dead, having perished during the epic struggle with that infamous Napoleon of Crime, Professor Moriarty, atop the Reichenbach Falls. But unknown to most, even his friend Dr. Watson, Holmes survived. During those three years, he roamed the world, acting as an agent for the British Government and using his very special skills along the way.   
Cover of the first Volume of Holmes Away From Home
Cover of the first Volume of Holmes Away From Home

In Holmes Away From Home, the incredible two-volume collection of new traditional Holmes adventures, we find Our Hero criss-crossing the world – Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. During this period known as The Great Hiatus, Holmes may have been in disguise, but there is no mistaking the person that Watson described as “. . . the best and wisest man whom I have ever known.” The game is afoot!

The funds from this project will be used to pay the authors, cover editing expenses, and promote Holmes Away from Home when it is officially released in December (backers get the anthology shipped to them first), and you should receive the anthology before Christmas making it a perfect gift to slip under a Sherlockian's Christmas tree. Also, we will use the profits as seed money for additional Sherlock Holmes story collections.

Cover Image of Holmes Away From Home Volume 2
Cover Image of Holmes Away From Home Volume 2

Table of Contents

Volume I – 1891-1892 

  • Editor’s Introduction – Volume I: A Different Kind of Adventure – by David Marcum 
  • Foreword – Volume I – by Mark Alberstat 
  • The Final Problem – by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 
  • Over the Mountains in the Darkness – by Sonia Fetherston 
  • An Englishman (or Two) in Florence – by David Ruffle 
  • The Secret Adventure of Sherlock Holmes – by Diane Gilbert Madsen
  •  The Harrowing Intermission – by Craig Janacek 
  • The Adventure of the Indian Protégé – by Jayantika Ganguly 
  • The Incident at Maniyachi Junction – by S. Subramanian 
  • The Adventure on the Road to Mecca – by Deanna Baran 
  • The Adventure of the Dragoman’s Son – by John Linwood Grant 
  • A Murder on Mount Athos – by Katie Magnusson 
  • The President’s Roses – by Stephen Seitz

Volume II – 1893-1894 

  • Editor’s Introduction – Volume II: A Different Kind of Holmes - by David Marcum 
  • Foreword – Volume II – by Ron Lies 
  • The Adventure of the Old Brownstone – by David Marcum 
  • The Adventure of the Flaked Breakfast Cereal – by Mark Levy 
  • For Want of a Sword – by Daniel D. Victor 
  • The Case of the Fragrant Blackmailer – S.F. Bennett 
  • A Case of Juris Imprudence – by Robert Perret 
  • A Most Careful, Strategic, and Logical Mind – by Derrick Belanger 
  • The Aviator’s Murder – by C. Edward Davis 
  • The French Affair – by Mark Mower 
  • The Woman Returns – by Richard Paolinelli 
  • The Adventure of the Melting Man – by Shane Simmons 
  • The Adventure of the Empty House – by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 
  • Afterword – by Derrick Belanger

Risks and challenges

The risks are minimal for this project. All of the stories have been received and edited by David Marcum. As long as there is no delay in shipping and printing the books, they will arrive early to mid December, well before Christmas!

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