Holaspanish.net - Online Spanish course completely live
Holaspanish.net - Online Spanish course completely live

This project has already launched.

Holaspanish.net - Online Spanish course completely live

Spanish: is the official language recognized by the UN in more than 20 countries and territories of the world. According to the native speakers that have it as mother tongue, the Spanish is the second most spoken language in the planet with a total of 436 million of people.

Due to the globalization, humanity is more connected than their think, for this reason speaking several languages is nowadays related to success in different areas of our lives. On the other hand, since Spanish is the second most spoken language around the world, it has turned into an essential tool in the actual society. Therefore, in Holaspanish, is very important to continue teaching our language around the world and expounding our culture through the Spanish.

Holaspanish.net is completely operative; however our resources based on our objectives are limited, so the amount of students that can live the Holaspanish experience is limited.   

Additionally this Holaspanish.net campaign will finance the expansion of our online courses to English speakers around the world that wish to talk Spanish in an easy and interactive way from their computers.  

With your help we want you to eradicate the language's barrier, creating a great structure with the highest technologists standards and the best trained professionals, to teach Spanish to more than 200 students around the world.

Holaspanish.net is different among all the online courses, because is the only one that has all classes online and private. Additionally our teachers are Hispanics, and every lessons are adapted to your skills, with the final purpose that you learn faster and better.  

In Holaspanish we work hard to eliminate the gap between English and Spanish. In our platform, you will learn Spanish in an innovative way, forgetting the old books and boring methods.  

You’ll have practical lessons created to learn Spanish fluently. The schedule is flexible so you can feel comfortable any time. You will also develop grammar, enhance your vocabulary and improve your speaking with innovative activities and live stream tools as perfect complement for your classes.

Likewise, you will help a person of less economic possibilities in Africa or Asia, to get as much educational material as our Spanish course completely free. In this way, not only you can take a step forward in your professional preparation, also that another person of low resource, will be preparing to have a better future.  

This campaign will directly help dozens of people in Venezuela, since our facilities are located in this country, where we will provide work for more than 50 professionals in the area and encourage their personal, family and professional growth.  

From Holaspanish.net we bet on the growth of our country, despite the current conditions, we work hard for a better society, we will generate even more jobs with your help; always with the banner of education in our hands, teaching the whole world the wonders of the Spanish.

And why not? With us you can learn it easily and dynamically, help us to teach our language around the world, sharing our cultures and traditions without limits through the Spanish language. Are you not still sure? Here are several reasons why it is important to learn Spanish today:




To continue sharing the beautiful Spanish language with all of you, we need your help to expand the reach of our online Spanish course. The costs are divided as follows:  

  • Direct labor salaries and administrative personnel: 25 Spanish teachers, 4 web developers, 5 operation supervisors and 2 area managers.  
  • Office equipment and furnishings: 36 desks with their respective chairs, computers and headphones.   
  • Administrative expenses: rental expenses, basic services, virtual servers, advertising, campaigns in AdWords, Facebook and Instagram.



Further to being infinitely grateful with your help and your valuable contribution, we will reward you with our excellent online Spanish course, where the learning process will be a unique experience, personalized, dynamic, fun, with an avant-garde technology, fully live classes and Hispanic teachers.































Elias Marruffo is the co-founder of Holaspanish.net. An Industrial Engineer that loves the good quality of service, customer support, and dedicated in the teaching without borders. He is Venezuelan and faithful believer in his country, he imparts his vision of education home through technology and software development with the help of his business partner, collaborators and employees. It is projected with innovation and without preconceptions, bets on the professional talent of his country, based on entrepreneurship and the achievement of great objectives. He believes that due to the current situation in Venezuela, ideas should not be lacking and talent should be geared to success for a better future.  

Since his childhood, Elías has been a collaborator and volunteer of noble causes, he belongs to charities that give help and food to unprotected people, this purpose has allowed him to know the deficiencies and challenges he must face in order to complete his mission that translates into the creation of new dreams, improvement and education without borders. In his vision we all have the right to knowledge and Holaspanish will not rest until we bring Spanish to all lovers of culture and language. 





Riesgos y desafíos

After successfully launching Holaspanish.net in the year 2017 and keeping it fully operational today; we are completely confident that we are capable of undertaking any challenge in a responsible, honest and effective manner.

We are aware that on the way to our main goal, different risks and challenges can arise, ranging from unexpected delays to drops in the operating system or Internet servers.

However, we are 100% committed to overcome any possible obstacle, with meticulous planning and with our professional work team. And so achieve our goal of expanding our services and achieve teaching Spanish to 200 new students in the world by the beginning of 2019.

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